Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program for Developing Countries

The 2020 Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program (CFSP) for developing countries is ongoing for smart and qualified students with leadership potentials to apply. The program is designed to establish institutional capabilities through adequate training of citizens from developing Francophonie countries. Sponsored by the Canadian Government, the program’s management has been entrusted to the consortium Canadian Bureau for International Education/ World University Service of Canada.

The program has several objectives to promote the capacity development of the recipient country through:

  • Training of trainers especially in the area of vocational and technical education.
  • Improving the skills set of both college and university officials in the area of education and research.
  • Strengthening and increasing the capacity of experts and managers in both the public and private sectors.


Scholarship Sponsor(s): Canadian Government

Scholarship Type: Full Scholarship

Scholarship level:  Postgraduate (Masters and Ph.D.)

Scholarship Worth: Fully Funded Scholarship

Subject Eligibility: All fields of study.

Country/Candidate Eligibility: Scholarship is for developing francophone countries.


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Scholarship Eligibility and Selection Criteria:

  • Applicants must be a citizen of a developing francophone country
  • Applicants are to hold a strategic position in his country so that the knowledge gained after the scholarship will be used in the capacity building of their establishment.
  • Applicants identified and selected are to apply for a university program which will lead to the award of a Masters or Doctoral degree in the area of vocational and technical training as well as for short-term internships.
  • Institutions of the recipient’s nationality carry out internal assessment to ascertain duly qualified best candidates with great potentials who will assist in the strengthening of their institution’s capacities on return after the scholarship.
  • However, clinical training in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy are not eligible to apply.

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Other Important notice:

  • The quota system will be used in selecting the best applicant in each of the recipient countries. The quota system gives country the opportunity to define their own training interest and priority for training and also the required level of training for the development of their institutions.
  • The accredited Canadian diplomatic mission in each recipient country will serve as the observer over the local advisory committee established by the representatives of the applicant’s country to select the best candidate. This system is to help ensure that transparency is adhered to during the process of selection of candidate.
  • Applicant are to note that the local advisory committee will take into account the applicant’s jobs in the sector or organization to be strengthened and the academic excellence as stipulated by host institutions.
  • Equality in the number of application by gender and country will be ensured and applicants are to be fluent in both written and spoken French.
  • Admission into a college or university is solely the responsibility of the institution involved and the scholarship will become effective only when the applicant has been offered admission into the university.

Application Procedure for the 2020 Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program for Developing Countries


Applicants are to apply online and submitting the required and necessary supporting documents.

Scholarship webpage

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