Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad for International Students

During the previous ten years, the number of students studying abroad has grown significantly each year. A staggering 72% of students questioned said they would be studying abroad in 2024. This maybe the following reasons:

  • To get a taste of a foreign society: Gaining exposure to a foreign culture is one of the finest aspects of studying abroad. You may become more understanding and open-minded as a result of this, among other positive effects. Furthermore, it might help you see your culture and nation from a different angle.
  • To pick up a new language: The chance to pick up a new language is just another fantastic benefit of studying overseas. Both emotionally and professionally, this special ability may be quite helpful.
  • To become self-sufficient: Many students are living away from home for the first time while studying abroad. Relocating to a whole new nation might be a fantastic way to become independent and develop self-care skills.
  • To acquire higher learning: Students who believe they would get a superior education overseas occasionally decide to study abroad. This might be from the calibre of the educational institutions or the accessibility of particular courses.

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These ten nations provide the lowest tuition fees for international students:


Beyond its breath-taking scenery, Canada attracts a large number of students seeking higher education. Canada is a country that offers affordable and top-notch education because:

  • It has a large number of universities that offer affordable education to international students. In 2021, there were 621,565 international students with permits to study in Canada.
  • Many scholarships and financial aid programs are available for students who wish to study in Canada.
  • The cost of living in Canada is low compared to other developed countries, sitting at 8.61% lower than in the United States.

Tuition fees for international students are estimated between C$20,000 and C$30,000 per year, and scholarships can lower this amount even further.


Ireland is among the most affordable places in Europe for overseas students to study, and this isn’t just down to Irish luck. Why should consider study in Ireland

  • The cost of living is relatively low, at 10.68% lower than in the US.
  • There are many scholarships and financial aid options available for students.
  • You can work while you learn to help offset living costs and tuition costs.

Rent for one person is between $1400 and $1500 USD per month, which is a whopping 14.50% lower than rent in the US. Ireland also has the fastest-growing economy in the EU – so jobs are aplenty if you want to work alongside your studies.


Mexico is more than simply the country with margaritas and historic sites. This multicultural nation is becoming an increasingly popular choice for foreign students looking for an economical study abroad destination.

  • The cost of living in Mexico is 49.11% lower than in the United States, making it one of the most affordable places on this list.
  • Mexican universities also relatively have inexpensive study abroad programs compared to other countries.
  • There are many affordable housing options available to students in Mexico; you can expect to pay around $450 per month for a one-person apartment.

Some parts of Mexico can be dangerous for foreigners who don’t know their way around, but it’s easy to stick to the safe areas like Merida and Mexico City.

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Nepal is among the most inexpensive countries in which to study abroad, in addition to being well-known for its picturesque mountain ranges and hospitable populace. What foreign scholars studying in Nepal may anticipate is?

  • Tuition fees in Nepal are highly reasonable.
  • In Nepal, it is possible to find cheap accommodation in hostels and guesthouses. A bed in a shared room can cost as little as US$3 per night.
  • The cost of living in Nepal is 64.78% lower than in the United States. Wow! Essential items such as food and transportation are also very affordable.

You’d be hard-pressed to find cheaper tuition fees than in Nepal. The most affordable universities cost around $1800USD per year, while the more expensive universities are still cheap at around $3200USD.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a breathtakingly beautiful nation. It is also well regarded for being among the most affordable nations for Indian students.

  • New Zealand is not as affordable as places like Nepal and Mexico; however, the cost of living is still 11.25% lower than in the US.
  • There are eight universities spread across NZ, all of which are ranked in the top 3% of universities worldwide.

As an international undergraduate in New Zealand, you can expect to pay around $14,900 – 21,700USD per year; fairly standard for developed countries, but still more affordable than most. 


Argentina has a lot to offer any student hoping to study abroad on a shoestring, including a stunning scenery, friendly locals, and a rich cultural heritage. One of the most economical nations is Argentina because:

  • The Argentine peso is currently very weak against the US dollar, making it an affordable destination for American students.
  • Food, accommodation, and transportation prices are relatively low compared to other developed countries.
  • It costs 55.77% less to live in Argentina than in the United States.

There are 47 national universities in Argentina, and 6% of student intakes are international. You can apply for scholarships to help secure a place and save on tuition fees via Latin American institution Universia.

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Bulgaria has a well-known history, cuisine, wine, and culture. It is also quickly gaining recognition as one of the most affordable overseas study locations. Advantages of studying in Bulgaria consist of:

  • Compared to other Western European countries, you will pay a lot less to live in Bulgaria.
  • Bulgarian universities offer a high quality of education at a fraction of the cost of universities in other developed countries.
  • The Bulgarian government offers scholarships to international students, which can help to cover the costs of tuition.

How would you like to pay substantially less rent while you study? Believe it or not, Bulgaria’s rental prices are 80.88% lower than in the United States.

The Czech Republic

In addition to being well-known for its beer and castles, the Czech Republic is also among the nations that provide the lowest education globally. The cost of living is quite low in the Czech Republic.

  • It is a member of the European Union, which offers many benefits to students in terms of travel and work opportunities.
  • There are numerous scholarships and financial aid programs available for international students.

A one-bedroom apartment in the city will cost you only $620 USD per month on average; this helps to offset the price of tuition ($22,350 USD per year on average).


Every year, a large number of foreign students are drawn to India by its delectable cuisine and rich customs. These travellers save money on their study abroad programme in India because:

  • Students can complete their degrees in a shorter amount of time due to the semester system used in India.
  • Rent is over 80% lower than in the US, and the cost of living is over 60% lower.
  • Food is particularly inexpensive in India for foreigners.

Some people find the poverty levels in India confronting; it’s a developing country, and the culture shock can be substantial. The country is rich in culture, however, and there are beautiful places to explore and things to learn.


For students with an international perspective, this little Asian nation, well-known for its beaches and rainforests, is also a great place to study economics.

  • Tuition fees at Malaysian universities are very affordable because the government provides significant subsidies to its universities.
  • The Malaysian government is committed to making higher education accessible to all, regardless of financial background.

By studying in Malaysia, you can look forward to a low cost of living (53.92% lower than the US) as well as a rich culture and beautiful day-trip locations.

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