New Logo for Studygreen.info – A step further to Serve You Better

Let us start by saying that studygreen.info is gaining a rapid growth rate at the time and owes it all to our esteemed users who believe so much in the services they get on the platform. To further add quality and serve you better, we have decided, based on users’ recommendations to make a few changes. First on the list of those changes is giving it a unique new identity.

Here comes the new studygreen logo – please you should admire it if you can. Tell us what you feel about the new logo… Life is sweeter when it is greener!


New Study Green Logo

A Quick Reminder About What We Do: A full detail of what is obtainable at studygreen.info can be found on our About Us page. As a quick recap, we will like to remind you that studygreen.info is a platform where information on study opportunities are updated on a regular basis. Such opportunities include scholarship opportunities to study abroad, scholarships for international students, local scholarships, fellowships, research grants, student and graduate internship opportunities, visa and travel tips …the list is endless. And now we are bringing on the ‘Articles’ category where users can learn the know-how-to apply for these opportunities.

It is important that we point it out here clearly that none of these opportunities are offered by studygreen.info or its admins, except otherwise specified. We are, however, always very ready to assist with all available information on opportunities that are published on this platform.

What You Stand to Gain Visiting Studygreen Everyday: It is often said “opportunity comes but once” huhuh….If you ask me I cannot tell who coined that statement. It seems true at times. However, here at studygreen.info we can assure you that “opportunities abound”. Now let us match the two; you get unique opportunities everyday but without paying attention to them they can slip away. It now depends on what you are looking for…here we publish a wide range of opportunities every day. You may never know when the one you are looking for will be published, hence, the need to visit every day and be current with everything that comes around.

Maybe we should list a few ways you can keep abreast with every new opportunity published here:

  1. When you visit our site accept to get browser push notification – this is designed to notify you of every new post that is published on the platform.
  2. Consider subscribing to our email updates if you have an active email address – of course you can sign-up for Gmail account in less than 5 minutes if you do not have any. If you have already subscribed or you want to do that now, you should also consider adding studygreen email sender address to you contact address book.
  3. You can follow our Facebook page study green international (just click to follow at the foot of this page). Twitter is not left out (@Studygreenintl ). Follow us on any or all of the social media channels and we will get you updated on the go!
  4. Bookmark our site on your browser homepage – It is really a quicker way to access your favourite sites and we will really be excited to serve you in that way.
  5. You can as well use any other means that is convenient for you to gain access to our platform – Do not forget that opportunities abound here – so you should visit everyday.

Whether as an undergraduate student, Masters student, PhD student or even Post-doctoral research fellow, our updates have got you covered. Non-students and graduates are not left out as a lot of youth opportunities are also published on our platform. Just keep exploring the opportunities as they come. You always have our best wishes!

It won’t be fair if we do not learn to say thank you to our esteemed users whose recommendations we have built on to grow this site. We welcome as many who can make useful suggestions as to how we can provide better services here. Please Contact Us and send in your suggestions. We are determined to serve you better!

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  1. Hi
    i read your post very carefully . really Studying abroad is surely the best thing that can happen in a student life. Exploring a new culture, learning a new language, trying different cuisines making new friends while you’re still studying. Either you do it or regret all your life because you can’t just have the same experience once you have a job or get married. It’s freedom to the fullest.
    thanks for sharing for useful information.

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