Top 7 Italy Scholarships Without IELTS [Fully Funded]

Italy is one of the top study destinations in Europe which is very appealing to international students. But some students might lack the resources required to get education in Italy. If you fall to that category, then you need to apply for Italy scholarships. Some lucrative scholarships in Italy have been listed in this article, some which require no IELTS.

Gaining an education in a foreign country gives you the chance to attain a wider perspective of different cultures and explore new horizons. In fact, studying abroad has been popular for its fantastic benefits: you experience a different environment, culture, and race, get top-quality education, learn a new language, widen your career opportunity, meet new people, travel beyond borders, become your own boss, etc. This is not an exception for studying in Italy.

Are there scholarships for Foreign Students to Study in Italy?

Study in Italy: Scholarships Without IELTS [Fully Funded]

Big ‘YES’ is the answer! There are a lot of scholarships made available to international students to study in Italy, funded both by government bodies and philanthropic organizations. Some are open for everyone; others are restricted to set of people based on certain eligibility conditions. Some demand IELTS; others don’t. Good news is… there is always a scholarship that will suit your study need.

List of Top Scholarships in Italy without IELTS

  • Italy Government Scholarships for Foreign Students (Fully Funded)
  • University Of Bologna Scholarships for International Students (Fully Funded)
  • Padova University Scholarships for International Students
  • University Of Pisa Dsu International Scholarships in Italy
  • Scuola Normale Superiore Scholarship Programme
  • Bocconi Merit and International Awards


Italian Government Scholarships are offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Directorate General for Cultural and Economic Promotion and Innovation. These scholarships are available to pursue one year fully funded Master’s Degree Program. The Italian government awards these scholarships for international students ready to travel to Italy for studies and later return to their home county at the end of the programme. A wide range of courses are available, and IELTS isn’t a barrier for English-speaking countries. This exempts scholarship students from tuition fees, and a grant of about 900 00£ monthly stipends will be paid to the student’s Italian bank account. Mandatory internship at selected Italian companies which are partners of the initiative is tied to this scholarship.

How to Apply Without IELTS:

English taught Bachelor’s degree holder should submit a certificate issued by their University indicating that English is their native language and was used as a medium of communication in that University. This will be accepted in place of IELTS.


This is one of the most sought after Scholarships in Italy Without IELTS. The Invest Your Talent in Italy is aimed at increasing cooperation between Italian Universities and companies, so as to boost their level of internationalization. It also allows young foreign talents to get their specialization and to start their working experience in Italian companies. The scholarship covers

  • Full tuition fee waiver
  • Monthly allowance of 900,00 (nine hundred) €

How to Apply without IELTS:

Applications are accepted online. Although English language certificate (IELTS or TOEFL) and Italian language certificate (when applicable). But there can be a waiver for the applicant from an English-speaking if they are able to provide some other evidence (e.g MOI from previous school)

For Clarity on MOI, Refer to: Top Scholarships in Germany Without IELTS


Although the Award varies, it is for candidates from Europe and non-Europe students from developing countries. Students from English-speaking countries will not need IELTS. This scholarship covers exemption from University tuition fees, free accommodation, free meals at the university halls, contributions to cover extra expenses such as books, sporting activities, etc. Candidates must have a high school certificate for an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree from a recognized university to be eligible.

The University of Pisa is a world-renowned technological university founded in 1343. Its outstanding research, education, innovation, and scientific guidance is known for its outstanding research, education, innovation, and guidance.

How to Apply without IELTS:

Candidates must successfully get admission in a degree-level program at the University first to apply. Then access the scholarship through the form online provided by the university. During application, the candidate must submit their international passport, curriculum vitae, and enrolment form. There will be no need for IELTS if the applicant is from an English-speaking country.


The University of Bologna Scholarships are fully-funded programmes for international students. It is offered for undergraduate and master’s degree studies and do not necessarily need IELTS. Th scholarship is Courses offered include First, Single, and Second Cycle Degree Programs. Benefits associated with this scholarship include a fully-funded tuition fee, Study grants of €11,000 gross (Unibo Action 2), and tuition fee waivers (Unibo Action 1), which will be awarded.

How to Apply without IELTS:

The application process is online. Candidates should visit the official website of the government of Italy scholarship. Read and understand the terms for the year and follow the instruction It is open to all countries so long as you are less than 30 years old upon the deadline of the call for application and IELTS isn’t a barrier for English speaking countries


The University of Padova is among the oldest universities in Italy and considered among the best universities in Italy with more than 70000 students. It is currently offering about 43 fully funded scholarships available for Bachelor’s and master’s degree studies. The scholarship basically covers a complete Fee Waiver for the duration of your degree program and a total amount of €8,000 scholarship per year.

How to Apply without IELTS:

The application process is online at Padova international excellence scholarship website. Simply get and accompany your application with an English-speaking certificate from your previous school. However, IELTS is not necessary when applying for studies at this University.

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The Scuola Normale Superiore scholarships include 78 fully-funded PhD scholarships to both Italian citizens and students from outside Italy (international candidates). All admitted PhD candidates who are eligible receive fully funded financial support, including tuition, fees, and a cost-of-living scholarship.

How to apply without IELTS:

Applications are online. You can get more information on the school website Scuola normale superior scholarships Ph.D. scholarships. Your previous degrees and graduate researches in English can act as proof of English language proficiency.


Bocconi Merit Awards and International Awards are made available for first-year undergraduate and graduate applicants based on their academic standing. The number of scholarships is not specific, and it is targeted mainly at international students. The award includes a full tuition waiver worth up to approximately € 12,000 per year for undergraduates and € 14,000 per year for graduates. It also includes a 50% tuition reduction for both Undergraduate and Graduate levels. The Merit Award includes a full tuition waiver, worth up to approximately € 12,000 per year (for Undergraduate) and € 14,000 per year (for Graduate).

How to Apply without IELTS:

To get this scholarship, you must apply for an Undergraduate or Graduate Program at Bocconi University. A separate scholarship application will not be required. The evaluation will primarily be based on the candidate’s academic achievement. In addition to academic achievement, the complete dossier provided to the Admissions office will be evaluated.

Concluding Remarks:

Students wishing to study in Italy with a scholarship without IELTS should check for further information about the application, notice of completion, requirements, and deadlines of programmes on the respective schools’ websites. This will give them more insight into the school and their programmes, including scholarship opportunities.

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