Skill-Up with these Free Online Courses by Top World Organizations

In this post we bring you a list of Free Online Courses 2021 offered by top world organizations with which you can skill-up starting from the Covid-19 era and beyond. Though there are countless of such Free Online Courses, but we have chosen to outline those of MICROSOFT free online courses and United Nations Online Education Courses …our choice of these two is probably because of their popularity and global acceptance.

A lot of businesses and companies have moved their operations online serving as an eye-opening to a lot of companies who have discovered how fast, efficient, and effective to run their business online really is, do not think that they are going to move their online operations post-COVID-19.

It is important to remind us that the above revelation has lead to a lot of staff being laid off. Hence, the reason why you should rise above this situation, and take advantage of what many see as a problem, by becoming your own boss?

So whether you are a starter, a professional with a goal to improve yourself this is the right path to take.

Let us now take a look at these organizations and their free of cost courses.


Time seems to be in abundance these days, with the clock moving in a very relax and slow pace.

The best thing to do is to spend this time wisely, and what better way to do so but by not only improving yourself by taking advantage of several online Microsoft courses but also acquire certificates in these courses, and what’s more, you can get these values for free.

So if you are looking into acquiring new skills in Microsoft products, they are not only offering step-by-step guidance but also learning paths and modules.

When I say it is free, yes, that is what it is, free.

These online courses won’t cost you a single penny; added icing to an already well-baked cake is the extra advantage of getting a printable certificate.

Microsoft Courses/Products:

Microsoft offers FREE ONLINE COURSES on some of its products to include; Azure, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Power platform, Browse all paths…And lots more. You can sure add add to your skills with these microsoft free online training.


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United Nations Graduate Study Programme for Young Graduates, 2020



The United Nations, currently made up of 193 member states, with a goal to maintain International peace and security offers self-paced free short courses in different languages.

The imposed quarantine by authorities across the world has lead to restriction of movement and business which has left many business owners either totally closed or functioning with a short-hand.

The only way to keep yourself relevant in today’s world where very few are, is by increasing your value what better way to do that then increasing your knowledge.

The United Nations free online courses are totally free of cost with verified certifications for each successful completion of course requirements.

United Nations Online Education Courses:

  • Social Change, Social Norms
  • United Nations in the World
  • International Organization Management
  • The Changing Global Order
  • UN Sustainable Development.

You can refer here for details on each course

This is just a few of the top world organization that you can access their courses for free and also get certified, we promise to bring more to you, just make sure you visit this space regularly to avoid missing out.

Don’t forget how much we love to hear from you, so leave us a word at the comment section.

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  1. Eddy BIZOZA from BURUNDI; i m very interrested
    i have BAC in International Trade and Economics
    i have Six years of experience as supervisor i security ; and 2 years of experience in field officer of Society
    I control all grounds of thats society

  2. I’m glad I get to know these courses through your help. I’m too far into education, just completed my high school, and can’t make it through further studies. I’ll make use of this option perhaps it’ll be my portion. Thanks

  3. I, per this comment wish to express my strong desire to partake in the free online program. I wish to state that I shall abide by all rules and regulations governing the program, thank you.

  4. Am the National Chairperson Women in Business,Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    I lead a team of over 30,000 women in Business from all the 47counties of kenya

    I read about your free online trainings

    Majority of my women lack access to training and mentorship to help them run successful businesses.Finance literacy is a real need .I got interested much in seeing how best we can partner with your university to be able to benefit from this online trainings.My focus is to train the women as TOTs so they can impact communities with this trainings that will revolutionize their economies.Without knowledge it’s hard to grow their enterprises

    I believe through their partnership ,we can champion for the young women and men to apply for study with the university not excluding the women for diplomas and higher education through your school.Please help me transform this women
    When you empower one woman your empower the whole nation

    Thank you

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