Start a Career with these Trending Online Opportunities

Start a Career with these Trending Online Opportunities: While many have chosen to see the glass as half full many still see it as almost empty. This topic will help you make the best use of your stay-at-home period, not only to reproduce wealth with it, but you will also be helping many have a less bumpy ride during this COVID-19 pandemic journey and beyond.

Career with these Trending Online Opportunities-content

We thought you might be interested to take part in any of these trending online opportunities – Teaching English Online to make a living, Vologging for fun and money-making, and of course freelancing on the web.  You should see our post on To 10 Business Ideas during lockdown


With schools closed, and the right to education being threatened, like all problems, this too has a solution, the solution is online torturing.

While some schools have become innovative and have taken up the use of several online platforms to teach their students from home many schools are yet to join this train

How to become an Online English Tutor

You can become a private online tutor teaching English – and any other subject- to students around the world, by giving out online tutorials to several students in their homes. Or you can take it further and create a landing page, where tutorials are offered to a larger number at the same time.

Tools to Start

  1. Training: you should before now have been teaching or can start training to teach
  2. Certification: at least a Bachelor’s degree, or a certification in education. This will help you gain the confidence of your clients.
  3. Register as an online tutor into a good online tutoring company.



We are all use to bloggers and blogging – That’s right, see our post which explains vologging.

Vologger, or video log which is shorten to vlog, is a type of web television, the use of images, text, to convey a message, its just like blogging, but showing, and telling, through pictures simple put a person who regularly post short videos to a vlog is a vologger.

This currently is a huge opportunity because as long as your videos are fun, interesting, fresh, short, and informing, people will be willing to subscribe.

And all you need to start out is your phone, which will serve as your camera (for now until you can get the real thing) there are several apps on Google Playstore you can download, to help you make high quality, videos. Also you need to download and signup on any of the platforms such as; YouTube, Vimeo, The Internet Archive and a host of other sites available in our world today. I will advise that if you are just starting up you should start up with YouTube, it is free and without any cost to upload your videos.

How Can I Make Money

YouTube or any of the sites you eventually chose will help you generate income from the ads they place on your videos. With sponsored content on your channels, you are going to get paid, doing what you love to do. This is a huge market.



Career with these Trending Online Opportunities- Freelancing jobs

Now you know how your current boss is so annoying, and how he has chosen to make your day at work a living hell. While he might never change you can, you could become self employed…. won’t that be amazing?

As a freelance this means that you are self-employed, able to regulate your hours and maximize them financially.


Becoming a freelance is not a rocket science, like many will like you to think, it is actually one of the easiest and good paying jobs in the world.

As a freelance you could register with platforms like Fiverr.com and the likes, see more examples from our post: Top 10 Business Ideas for Student

All you need to start up is your phone and/or a laptop also you will need to choose a skill that you have an understanding on, it could be web designing, or copy writing, or translating and many more…just anything you can do. Just make sure that whatever you eventual choose should be something you have at least basic ideas on.

We hope by now you are already getting started with one of the trending opportunities…you should never be left behind.


We welcome your comments and inputs. All the best

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  1. I am an MBA (Major in Marketing). I obtained M.Phil degree. I have eleven years teaching experiences at graduation and post graduation levels. I have a couple of international publications. My medium of instruction was in English at graduation and post graduation levels. I want to obtain P.hD/Masters from American niversity. Am I qualified to your university?

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