Top Scholarships in Ukraine for International Students [Without IELTS]

Interested in a Ukrainian scholarship? Here is a List of Top Scholarships in Ukraine Without IELTS available to international students to study free in Ukraine. These scholarships are mostly fully funded, but a number of them might also be partially funded programs requiring that the students cover a part of their costs.

Wish to Study or Studying in Ukraine? Ukraine is the second country by area after Russia as a country in Eastern Europe It is estimated there currently over 75000 international students studying in Ukraine from different countries. Good enough, degrees obtained from Ukrainian institutions are valued globally.

Courses in Ukrainian universities are taught mainly in English, French, Ukrainian, and Russian. A proof in any of these languages guarantees you admission to any of the listed scholarship programs below. And guess what! You can also apply for a work permit while studying in Ukraine.

Top Scholarships in Ukraine Without IELTS

  • IREX scholarships
  • Gilman scholarships
  • Boren scholarships and fellowships
  • Language institute in L’viv and university of Kansas collaborative awards
  • The School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS) scholarship programs

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Ukrainian Government Scholarships

The Ukrainian government provides scholarships for foreign students to ensure their studies at national universities. These scholarships are usually awarded based on appropriate intergovernmental agreement with the student’s homeland. The amount of this scholarship varies and most times covers the entire costs of the awardee’s education in Ukraine

Also based on certain arrangements, there can be a waiver for language requirement for candidates if they are able to provide some other documents to prove their proficiency in the language. Such documents can include a memorandum of instruction certificate (MOI) from previous institution of study, a personal letter, etc.


IREX Scholarship:

This scholarship is given by an NGO, IREX, funded by the Ukraine government. IREX supports researchers based at Ukrainian educational sectors. IREX scholarship could last between 2-9 months in which the researcher can research foreign policy-related topics.


Gilman Scholarship:

This scholarship is a 2 years program, legible for those in the minority group and/or disabled students. An award of $4000-$5000 is given. But if you decide to study a language on the critical need list, you would get an additional $8000. As simple as deciding to learn a language, say Russia, can earn you this scholarship. Gilman scholarship is awarded abroad in any country outside the candidate’s country.


Boren Scholarships:

Boren scholarships are awarded to international students and is offered by the National security education program. Ukrainian and Russian languages programs are the list of preferred programs in place of IELTS. This scholarship is usually very competitive and it is worth $20,000 while its fellowship can be worth $30,000. The condition attached to this scholarship is that the recipient must serve the Ukrainian government after finishing the program as a price for the financial support. This means that there is automatic employment as one could be employed at the staff and defense department, homeland/ national security, etc.


Language institute in L’viv and university of Kansas collaborative awards

This program lasts for just 6 weeks. It offers the chance for international students to study the Ukrainian language. It is a summer program. No previous experience in the language is needed. Here candidates study Ukraine language and other subjects such as history, economics, history, Ukraine culture, etc. Students partake in a 3-credit load of reading of Ukraine language (UKRA 675) and special problems in area studies (REE 895), respectively, for 6 credit hours total. It is open for any student from a university who has an interest in learning Ukraine or students from any US accredited college. No previous language is needed for this award.


School of Russian and Asian Studies Scholarship:

This School provides scholarships worth $5000 and helps with tuition fees. Another $750 award goes to students who wish to study art and culture; the recipient may work in NGOs, theatres, or museums.

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How to study in Ukraine without IELTS?

IELTS is not necessary or mandatory to study in Ukraine; you can tender another educational support program, especially for those with learning disorders such as ESL.

However, since the language of instruction in Ukrainian universities are mainly English, Russian, Ukrainian, and French, International students will need to prove their language proficiency in one of the mentioned languages or a certificate of English from your previous institution. Please see Top Germany scholarships without IELTS to learn how to secure a Medium of Instruction Certificate (MOI)

Candidates who wish to study Ukrainian or Russian languages will do so on arrival to Ukraine if they can’t speak the language perfectly.

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