Top 7 Jobs in USA for Foreigners with no Skills

Ever thought of working in the United States but lack professional skills? Good news is, you can look in the direction of jobs in USA which requires no special skill. Here, we list the top 7 jobs in USA for foreigners with no experience; You can apply for these jobs with little or no professional skills.

The American system allows foreigners to apply for jobs are move to the US under some visa sponsorship arrangement. New immigrants and job seekers are expected and are welcome to work in USA both as skilled and unskilled professionals.

Labour Shortage and Increasing Employment Rate in USA

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), “The U.S. economy is projected to add almost 4.7 million jobs from 2022 to 2032″ and increasing the number to whooping to total of 169.1 million employment in the projected year.

While it can be difficult to find a job for foreign applicants without experience, there are a number of jobs in United States which you can easily grab without no experience going by well over 3million listings on LinkedIn, Indeed and such other job search platforms.

Here, we list the top 7 of such US jobs to apply for with or without work experience and the amazing annual take home wages as outline. Working in USA starts with learning about these jobs and applying to them.

List of Top Jobs in USA for Foreigners Without Experience.

  1. Sales Rep (US$ 37k)
  2. Caregiver (US$ 35k)
  3. Cleaner Job (US$ 30k)
  4. Packaging (US29k)
  5. Driver Job (US$ 45k)
  6. Gardener Job (US$ 38k)
  7. Dish Washer Job (US$ 32k)

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Jobs in USA for Foreigners Without Experience | Detailing…

1#: Sales Rep (US$ 38k)

Sales representative or sales attendant job is one of the most sort after jobs in the USA. Businesses like super stores and supermarkets, restaurant and bars, etc. require the services of a sales rep. Their job is basically to attend to customers and make sales.

Applicants for this position need to possess good customer service skills and attention to detail. While the job might require some level of formal education, it is however, not a mandatory requirement. Sales Rep job in USA can rake in an average of US$38,000 annual income.

2#: Caregiver (US$ 36k)

A caregiver provides direct care for children, elderly people, or people chronic ailments. Although having a formal education, relevant certifications and training can increase your chances of landing a caregiver job in USA; this however, is also not a mandatory requirement.

Average annual wage for Caregiver jobs  in USA is around around US$36,000

3#: Cleaner Job (US$ 30k)

A cleaner job in USA cuts across cleaning the interior and surrounding environment of homes and offices which requires the services. A clean can be employed full-time or part-time depending on the need of the employer.

On the average, a cleaner in the USA goes home with an average annual wage of $30,000.

4#: Packaging (US29k)

Another lucrative job in United States for people with no experience is the packaging job. Manufacturing, distribution and shipping companies require the services of packers more. As a packer you will be involved in preparing finished products and packaging properly for shipment.

Based on stats, annual wage of packers is estimated to be around US$ 29,000.

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5#: Driver Job (US$ 45k)

Applicants with driving skill can consider applying for driver jobs in the US. Either as a private driver, company driver or even hailing rides, driving job in the US appears to be the most lucrative of all US jobs requiring little or no skills. It is estimated drivers go home with whooping annual average earnings of about US$ 45,000.

6#: Gardener Job (US$ 38k)

Although a gardener might need to few weeks of special training, willing individuals can be employed to learn on the job. Gardener jobs are in demand in USA especially in cities where keeping green lawns are popular.

A gardener can make an average of US$ 38,000 annual salary making it one of the most lucrative jobs for low skill individuals.

7#: Dish Washer Job (US$ 32k)

A dishwater, slightly different from kitchen helper, does mainly washing and cleaning of dishes. Top US eateries and restaurants are such places where the services of dishwashers are needed the most in restaurants and cafeterias across the United States.

Dishwasher job average annual earnings is put at around US$ 32,000. It is one of the most available jobs with no experience to find in the United States.

Outside the above listed jobs, you can also decide to apply for the general laborer jobs in which can allow you earn as much as US $50k plus annual income.

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