Lionel Murphy Endowment 2019 Students Scholarships in Australia

Lionel Murphy Endowment 2019 Students Scholarships in Australia: Students of Australian origin and global students resident in Australia are invited to apply for the Lionel Murphy foundation scholarships worth up to $A40,000 per each student per annum. The scholarship is open to students in Sciences, Law and Legal Studies.

Scholarship Sponsor(s): Lionel Murphy foundation.

Scholarship Type: Fully Funded Scholarships

Scholarship level:  Postgraduate Scholarships

Slots: Several

Scholarship Worth: up to $A40,000 per each student per annum

Subject Eligibility: Science, Law and Legal Studies

Country/Candidate Eligibility: Australian Citizens and resident students.

English Language Requirement: Not a necessary requirement.

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Scholarship Eligibility and Selection Criteria: 

  1. Scholars are required to give regular interim progress reports and to provide a full report to the Lionel Murphy Foundation Endowment Advisory Committee on completion of their studies, of their work and other activities undertaken as a Lionel Murphy Foundation Scholar.
  2. Scholars are obliged to immediately inform the Lionel Murphy Foundation Endowment Advisory Committee if they are awarded any other scholarship applicable to the study supported by the Lionel Murphy Endowment Scholarship.
  3. Scholars should understand that the receipt of another scholarship, award, funding, or the acceptance of paid employment, may lead to the reduction or withdrawal of the Lionel Murphy Endowment Scholarship, and to the obligation to repay moneys to the Endowment.
  4. Scholars are expected and encouraged to publish the results of their studies, and to acknowledge in such publication/s the support of the Lionel Murphy Foundation Endowment.

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Application Procedure for the Lionel Murphy Endowment 2019 Students Scholarships in Australia:


All applications must follow laid down procedures. Only completed applications on the current official application form will be considered.  Application forms are downloadable from this website.

All applications must be accompanied by two referees’ reports. (Applications not accompanied by two references will be rejected without consideration.)

Under no circumstances will late applications be considered.

Any scholarships awarded, must be taken in the year for which they are awarded.

Official Scholarship Link

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