University Award Programs for International Students at IBM, 2020

University Award Programs for International Students at IBM, 2020: International students are invited to enrol in the University Award Programs at IBM and develop their skills at IBM. The IBM University awards has the major objective of supporting and encouraging basic research, curriculum innovation as well as educational assistance in IBM’s areas of interest which are essential to the 21st century innovation and important to the core business value of IBM. The awards include IBM Faculty Awards, IBM Open Collaborative Research (OCR) Awards and IBM Shared University Research (SUR) Awards. The different awards will be highlighted briefly.


Scholarship Sponsor(s): IBM

Scholarship Type: Full Scholarship

Scholarship level:  Postgraduate

Scholarship Worth: Program specific

Subject Eligibility: Applicants should be interested in AI/Cognitive Computing, Big Data/Analytics, Blockchain, Core Technologies, cloud Computing/Services, Internet of things, Quantum Computing, Security, Social/Mobile.

Country/Candidate Eligibility: Scholarship is for international scholars

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Open Collaborative Research: The open Collaborative Research Award is designed to support important and innovative research collaborations between IBM and top universities that will help collaborative efforts that seeks to advance innovation and of immense benefit to the world. The award is to promote the development and advancement of open source software, related industry standards and greater interoperability.

Averaging Worth: $100,000

  • The goal of the Open Collaborative Research is to enhance research on big ideas and challenges that aid in the advancement of a field or technology.
  • It is also designed to study complex topics that is need of significant collaboration.
  • It also provides results to the public through open source and open standards communities

Faculty Awards: The Faculty Award program supports collaborative efforts between faculty and researchers with IBM employees in areas important to IBM. Applicants are to note that the award is not a contract, and no intellectual property rights are outlined. Results made available to the public domain are highly encouraged.

To be eligible for the Faculty awards, the nominee must be a full-time professor at an accredited university possessing a Ph.D. or MBA program in the nominee’s field. Nominee must possess an outstanding reputation for contributions to their field of study, or for a junior faculty, show promising attribute.

Averaging Worth: Not exceeding $40,000

  • The goal of the Faculty Awards is to promote and stimulate advancement in exploratory and strategic topics.
  • Also, the Faculty Awards is to support curriculum innovation in strategic disciplines.
  • Encouragement of adoption and advancement of emerging technologies, IBM platforms and communities.

 Shared University Research: The Shared University Research Award Program is to promote research and innovative ideas and partnership buildings in areas if strategic importance. The award is not to support an individual but it is designed to support and impact core areas of IBM and the university

Benefits: The award can include monetary, cloud resources, equipment, services as well as software.

  • The goal of the Shared University Research is to enhance collaborations in researches that builds partnerships/communities in areas of interest and bring value to the academic community and IBM as well.
  • The award also seeks to support innovations that will create big opportunities.
  • Increase access to IBM technologies for research and in curriculum.

Scholarship Eligibility and Selection Criteria: Applicants for the University Award Programs for International Students at IBM, 2020 must meet the following criteria for the award.

  • Applicants for the University Award Programs for International Students at IBM, 2020 must be faculty members and researchers from top universities worldwide. Students working on promising technologies in IBM’s areas of focus can also apply.

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Application Procedure for the University Award Programs for International Students at IBM, 2020


  • An IBM employee must initiate the award process with a proposal.
  • The employee will then act as the focal point and primary collaborator for the research project.
  • Applicants are to note that proposals will be evaluated according to IBM’s current interests and expectations of success.
  • All applications are done online.

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Application Deadline: Nomination for the awards ends October, 2019.

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