Fun Ways to Study from Home, Try all of it

Fun Ways to Study from Home: So I remember one time I had to study a very difficult and boring course, I had put it off for a while but exams were fast approaching I knew I had to face the music.

10 Fun Ways to Study While on Lockdown

So that morning I woke up, after saying my prayers, I took a bath, made a cup of coffee with very little cream added (just how I like it) seated on my reading table I felt so prepared. I was less than 10minutes into my textbook when the boredom set in, I began feeling nauseous and in no time my head started to pound, now most of us know how that story ended.

Studying for most people like me can be boring. But as much as some hate to study, studying is a necessary a boring activity it’s still necessary to pass that test or get that certificate.

But I found out that studying can actually stop being boring and even become fun, all you need to do is to take the ‘S’ and replace it with an ‘I’ (interest).

Fun Ways to Study from Home

  • Read Aloud
  • Make Videos
  • Play Music
  • Snacking
  • Use Flashcards
  • Take Breaks
  • Bribe Yourself

Are you ready, let’s dive into details?


According to a new study from the University of Waterloo in Ontario Canada, reading and speaking aloud is a more effective way to remember information than reading silently or hearing it read aloud.

I say why not turn it up a bit and make it more fun by reading in your favorite and funny accent or weird voice, or by mimicking that person you know talks funny.


Oh yes I know, I know, it sounds crazy, plus how can it be related to studying?

But making your own study YouTube videos and putting it out on the web for your friends and strangers to give you feedback is not entirely just a way to make learning, effective and not boring, but also a way to get feedback on how well you are studying.

Or you could decide to go ahead and make a video as you play the superstar, director, and editor, even if you end up being the only one who sees it.

However I recommend you upload the videos because this is not only a great opportunity to improve your study, you could end up being a social media influencer while studying and probably make money in the process. You never know.

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Music that is soothing and relaxing can help you beat stress or anxiety while studying.

The so-called “Mozart effect” a term coined from a study that suggests listening to music could improve and help enhance intelligence has proven this fact to be true.

So next time you want to study, make sure your headphone is handy or you have background music on, after all, what have you got to lose? The worse that could happen is that you end up just only having a good time. I am yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love good music.


Online learning and having to study without your friends due to the imposed social distancing by the authorities could be really boring and very challenging.

Studies have shown that eating a nutritious varied diet can improve concentration, enhance memory, prolong attention span, and thinking. Great study snacks are made up of high-quality carbohydrates along with a source of lean protein.

  • Examples of high quality, carbohydrates: Whole grain, Fruits, Vegetable, Legumes, etc.
  • Examples foods with high protein: Cheese, Cottage cheese, Eggs, Nuts, Nuts Seeds, Butter, Meat, Poultry, And fish. These helps reducing the feeling of hunger.


Let’s carry out a short excise.

Close your eyes and try to visualize what is written on the billboard in your school, or perhaps the road that leads to your favourite shopping mall, or that Billboard that has the bold advert written on it, on your drive home.

I am sure you can remember some, if not all that is written on the billboards. That’s the same effect you’d get using a flashcard.

Now you should know that you’re not required to buy a fancy flashcard if you don’t want to, you can make colourful flashcards with that colourful book or paper you no longer have a need for. Flashcards help to erase up the entire topic or subject. Why not go ahead and try it out, write to us and let us know how it goes.


A friend recently asked me some questions.

He was concerned because of his crazy past few months; his office had laid off members of staff which laid to an increase in his workload, due to the COVID-19, adding to this, he was preparing for a test for an online course.

He has always been an ‘A’ student so he was pushing himself really hard and had stopped taking breaks, he felt he could achieve more, but instead of being productive his productivity completely tanked. He wrote to us to find out the following;

  1. How does taking breaks help or hurt your productivity?
  2. And how do you take an effective break?

I will tell you what I told him… Taking an effective break doesn’t always mean you are lazy; the reverse is actually the case. So here is what I propose, in-between your studying you can take 30minutes breaks, you can use that time to either take a walk, admire the weather, go get a milkshake.

What you will find when you return to your studying is that you have a clearer head and a renewed focus.


I hope you have been having fun so far because I have.

The next fun way to study is to set rewards for yourself. You can set several rewards for yourself for each page, topic, or chapter that you finish. Here are self rewards you can allot for yourself:

  • One cookie per paragraph
  • Take a walk after 30minutes
  • Finish playing that game after taking a course online.
  • Watch a movie after one hour of study.
  • Shopping therapy after a topic
  • Take a nap after a chapter.

That was certainly fun and I guess funny (or maybe not), anyway, let us know what you think. Thank you to those of you who always write to us or better still engage our comment section, you know, our joy is to hear from you.

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