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Covid-19: Top 10 Business Ideas for Students during the Lockdown –Cont’d

Top 10 Business Ideas for Students during the Lockdown – Part Two: In our earlier post we discussed 5 out of the top 10 business ideas for students that you can get involved in, as we battle the COVID-19 pandemic  ..…we are keeping to our promise!

If you haven’t read through that post yet, you could read it here, so you do not miss any point.

Business Ideas for Students 2020

Most nations, ‘ economy has taken a downward slip, over the past months, and because of this, nations are shifting from their conventional approach, and looking for alternative option to help resuscitate or maintain their economy.

Now this is where you come in!


“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”… quote from H. Jackson Brown. Jr.


Here are five business ideas that can help you prepare for tomorrow, and get a piece of the cake.


Vlogger Jobs

Vologger? yes that is a word in today’s world.

We are all use to bloggers and blogging, which was actually among our top 10 list, if you want to know how to become a blogger and how you can generate income for blogging, and read our first 5 listed jobs from the top 10 list.

Vologger, or video log which is shorten to vlog, is a type of web television, the use of images, text, to convey a message.

It’s just like blogging, but you are showing, and telling, through pictures. Simple put a person who regularly posts short videos to a vlog is a vologger.

This currently is a huge opportunity because as long as your videos are fun, interesting, fresh, short, and informing, people will be willing to subscribe.

From ads that YouTube place on your videos to sponsor content on your channels, this is a huge market.



Freelancer Jobs

As a freelance this means that you are self-employed, able to regulate your hours and maximize them financially.

As a freelance you could register with any of these sites Upwork.comFiverr.com, Desiges.com and a host of other sites.

To begin, you need to choice a skill that you have an understanding of, it could be web designing, or copy writing, or translating. Just make sure that whatever you eventual choice it should be something you have at least basic skills for.

Recommended Opportunities:

INTO Stirling Progression Scholarship at University of Stirling, UK

AAI One World Scholarship for Students from Developing Countries 2020


Since the social distancing imposed by the authorities, people have relied on online shopping to get a lot of what they need. This has so far helped to increase the already populated online market.

Seeing that online shopping reduces human contact.

You can begin an online store where you get companies or individual to display their goods or services, on you online store for a price, and you can help them market and sell.

Some major online store has been reported to be either out of stock, or due to the Corona virus, delivery are delayed.

So this is a problem for them but an opportunity for you.



Online tutoring Jobs

In most nations today, schools have been closed. While some schools have become innovative and have taken up the use of several online platforms to teach their students from home many schools are yet to join this train leaving numerous children, to continue without an education.

You can become a private online tutor, by giving out online tutorials to several students in their homes. Or you can take it further and create a leaning page, where tutorials are offered to a larger number at the same time.

Imagine how much of an answer you will be to these children parent or ward.



The ancient of all jobs has been known to be farming; it is one which will not be outdated or outlived, because people will always eat.

We have different kind of farming, crop farming, poultry, fishery, and a host of others.

There is the long-term farming, and the short term farming.

Whichever you choose to get into, make sure you acquired the skill for the job, and because people will always eat, there is always a large market for every kind of farming.

So get started today, and let us know how much we have been of help.


If you have more ideas or can contribute to the ideas listed above, please free drop a comment at the comment section.

Stay safe.

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