NPower Update: 510000 Batch C Shortlisted Candidates | NASIMS Portal

The Npower Batch C shortlist is out! The Shortlisted candidates who were able to take their online test via the official Npower batch C portal nasims.gov.ng and were screened are now ready to kick start the programme in an officially Batch C ‘Stream 1’ or Batch C1. It is expected that more streams will be shortlisted soon.

Recall that applicants were required to update their records on the NASIMS portal before they could take the test, do a biometric verification and screening for the shortlist. The latest Npower news is that 510000 candidates who have passed through all the required stages of screening have now been shortlisted to kickstart the programme.

Npower Batch C Shortlist 2021N-power – an initiative of the Federal Government of Nigeria – is a job creation and skills empowerment programme designed for and target at unemployed youths between the ages of 18 and 35 years. The programme aims to help young Nigerians acquire and develop life-long skills to become practical solution providers in their communities, enabling them to become innovative players in the domestic and global markets.

What to Know about N-Power Batch C:

  • The Npower Batch C 2021 is being managed by the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS).
  • The National Social Investment Program of Nigeria is a social welfare initiative created by the Federal government of Nigeria in 2015 under the direction of the National Social Investment Office.
  • NASIMS was created to ensure a more equitable distribution of resources to vulnerable populations, including children, youth, and women.
  • It is required that applicants update their records on the NASIMS portal to be able proceed with taking the Npower Batch C Shortlist Test

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How to Check If You Are Shortlisted

The Npower batch C shortlisted names is available on NASIMS portal. To check your name, proceed as follows:

  1. Visit the Npower batch C portal via nasims.gov.ng
  2. Click on the “Go To Login” at the bottom
  3. Correctly enter your NPOWER Email (or Application ID) and Password.
  4. Click on “Proceed”
  5. If all your login credentials are correct then you will be redirected to your profile.
  6. On your profile you should see a congratulatory message as par your shortlist status

Note: If you are a first-time visitor to nasims.gov.ng you will need to reset your password and If your login attempt returns ‘Invalid Account’ then you were probably not shortlisted for first stage of screening.

How to Write N-Power Batch C Test

If you are you are yet to write the test, please follow these simple steps;

  • visit the official Npower Batch C test portal.
  • Login using your NASIMS ID and Password
  • Click on ‘Continue’
  • Write and submit your test answers
  • Congratulations for your test success!

Note the following before starting the test;

  • The test is time base and you will be expected to answer 20 questions in 10 minutes.
  • Test cannot be retaken after submission.
  • You cannot skip any question
  • Every question is allotted equal score.
  • If you are timed out after attempting three times without submission, you will not be able to take the test again.

Further Notes:

  • FG will be engaging a total of 1million (1,000,000) beneficiaries in the Npower Batch C  programme
  • If you are yet to apply, refer here on how to apply for Npower programme.
  • The application, test, and final shortlisting of candidates does not attract any fees or charges. Please be ware of scam!
  • For information about N-Power and other government intervention programs, please contact:[email protected]

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  1. I took my test ever since and I scored 55% but when I check back today, I realized that my score has been reduced from 55% to 11% percent. Why,
    Should I worry about that? And what should I do.

  2. Hello Adim.aftet taking the test is til showing me take test and he have been shortlisted please wat do i do.

  3. Admin please, has a date been fixed for the screening? I have been hearing rumors that they’ve started selection already.

      • admin
        I’m not aware of the on line test, Please help to access my test so that I can be part of the process.

  4. Admin, when are we likely to be employed/shortlisted? I scored 70percent and till now we haven’t heard anything.

    • You will find a sign up form at the bottom on mobile and sidebar on PC’s, Just enter your email and follow instructions to confirm you mail.

  5. Hello admin,
    Must I use a laptop or desktop computer to write the test? Is there no record of a test written successfully with an Android phone cos I don’t have access to a computer that early hours of the day when the site responds. Once day breaks, it becomes impossible to even open the site talk more of the test.

    • Hello EVe, it is advisable to use a laptop or desktop computer. You may decide to use an android phone.

  6. Hello admin I write for my email for them to send me link for reset password it always tell link has been sent to email and when check i couldn’t find it I do it seferally

  7. Admin. Please help. I kept seeing message sent to my email *** when open I see nothing and I didn’t know where continue from there.

      • Hello, please I have been trying to download deployment letter but I keep getting error message what should I do?

  8. After taking my test, I was expecting to see my score but it is still showing take test, but they didn’t allow me to retake the test, even without seeing my result
    Pls what can I do

    • Most likely you didn’t submit and you have exhausted your 3 attempts, I guess. Let’s hope that the system has saved one of the attempts for you, nothing to worry

  9. Admin ,Pls! I need help. Cafe man mistakenly registered me with email : ***@yahoo.com instead of ***@yahoo.co.uk. link has been sending to ***@yahoo. com and I don’t have access to it. Pls admin help me. Just help me

    • Now register a new email account with exactly the same address as what the cafe man registered you with, and you should be able to get the link sent there. That is, if that address has not already been taken

  10. Hello admin. The site keep telling me to upload clear passport even after I try adding many of my passport

  11. pls i successfully updated my profile and i was giving NASIMS ID but when i enter the nasims ID it keep telling me that the NASIMS ID Can’t be found. pls is it the password to update the profile is what they requesting for

  12. Good morning, i have fill in the updated information but i can ‘t submit, it keeps telling me something went wrong or my surname, the other name should be in alphabets. I don ‘t know what will i do.

    • likewise me, i’ve been trying this since morning. THE FIRST NAME CAN ONLY CONTAIN ALPHABETS,THE OTHER NAME CAN ONLY CONTAIN ALPHABETS.

      • Greetings I have filled all information but can’t submit it keeps telling transaction failed try again, I have trying for weeks now.

  13. Hello sir
    I submitted my test but I forgetting upload my birth certificate. I can edit again.
    After I take a test again is allowed or not?

    • Please sir I have written the test but someone was telling me that her own date of screening is on may, but I didn’t see something like that during my own time , please how true is it

  14. My name is chinedum Uchenna I have been trying to log in but is saying my account can not be found

  15. Sir, will be well wit yourchilfren .pls help me my name is Oladunni pls hope my email is this “***” I am waiting for links in my email but I have been waiting for long time pls I beg you!

  16. Please I want to opt out from the npower batch c data base because I have gotten employment else where..
    How do I go about it

    • Hello Admin, I have validated my profile, and written the test successfully. On entering the portal today, I saw “you have not Validated your profile” had to start validation all over again, and on going to write the test, I was told I’ve written already. What should I do?

    • Hello Abu, be patient and keep trying. You may as well wish to contact the NASIMS portal support. Best regards

  17. I took the test and I saw my score only for me to check back later to still see “take the test” again. Out of curiosity, I followed through and I found my self presented with questions again but I canceled. Pls what could be wrong

    • Pls I got the congratulatory message that I have been shortlisted but since then I have been trying to reset my password but it keeps responding sorry something went wrong and at another time it will respond account not found. What could be the problem pls?

      • Hello Uwazie, Keep trying as it may be due to system error. If the error persists, then you may need to contact the NASIMS portal support.

  18. I tried writing the test, but the site logged me out automatically in just 3mins and 2mins the next time i tried a message pop up that my account has been blocked.

  19. Hello admin
    I have done all the required process and on getting to the test portal I keep seeing verification failed for “my nasims ID” please what do I do in other to write the test. Thank you

  20. pls why is it that when I click on the take test option, it redirects me to another site which has refused to open. pls what should I do?

  21. Need help
    I have updated my informations but the page to take the test is not opening,I have tried many times need to know if my account has been blocked or something, though I have not received any message that my account is blocked.

  22. I have a problem with my N-power Creative upgrade. After clicking forgot password, it said a link was has been sent to my email. But I haven’t received any message from them through my email. I have only one active email address and that is what I used to register. Please help your sister, is any one in the same shoe with me?

  23. In the column for nysc cert.i mistakenly uploaded my degree cert,pls will it affect my chance of selection

  24. I have been trying to update my information but it keeps displaying”transaction failed, try again later” what could that be?

  25. I’ve tried the password reset process severally and I get notified that a mail has been sent, whereas I didn’t get any email.

    Now when I try it, I keep getting the message ” an error occurred, please try again later”

    What do I do?

  26. Hello admin.
    I have been receiving this “you have some errors there” when trying to update my data. Could it be my LGA, bcos the LGA on my data is from another state which can’t be edited. I need solution pls.

    • Hello admin, I didn’t do the test so I want to know if there will still be chance to do the test and possibly be shortlisted for the next stream in batch c

  27. please i have been trying to take my test but its not coming up. just showing React App..

    please what can i do?

  28. Admin, I’ve been trying to send after updating my details. But “”something went wrong”” keeps popping up. Since 18th of March. What do i do?

  29. Hello team,
    I have written my online test and submitted and have also gotten a congratulatory message with the score but any time I log on my dashboard, it’s still showing me ‘take test’. What do I do?

  30. Please Sir, I have been trying to update my data but it keeps telling something went wrong. Please, what can I do? Can I continue with the test? How do I get my Nasims ID Verification? Please help.

  31. I’ve reset my password and update My information but I can’t access the test page saying something went wrong, please refresh. Please help What do I do

  32. Pls I tried to log on to take the test.but Its not going.i can’t take the test.its asking me for nasim password and ID.
    What can. I use to log in..is it the code they gave me after reg or the email I used to register

    • Hello Michael, you will need to update your details on the NASIMS website before trying to take the test. Follow the procedures outlined (below):
      Visit and login to https://nasims.gov.ng/login
      Click on the “Forgot Password” option
      Correctly enter your NPOWER application email.
      Click on “Send Link”
      Check your email and follow the instructions to reset your password.
      after successfully resetting your password, please login again to update your records

  33. Admin please, I submitted my screening forms as my certificate during registration, however I have been able to resend my statement of result this time, could that be reasons why my exam portal is showing something went wrong.

  34. i have updated my profile successfully but i cant login to my test page even after several attempts. saying somthing went wrong… what should i do

    • Sir, after taking the first test but I have not submitted it yet, I tried retaking the test the second time but I keep receiving a message that my account has been blocked, how can this be rectified.

    • Hello Daniel, keep trying and ensure that your email is correct and same with the one you used during the registration.

  35. I clicked on the forgott password and they said an email has been sent to email and I did not see it.

  36. Good morning Team,

    Please I have not receive the email for password reset.

    Kindly assist.

  37. Please I didn’t click on “End test” after I saw my successful score, any issue with that??

  38. When i was editing my profile, i selected valid national drivers license but what uploaded was voters card. Admin hope it will not become problem to me?

  39. I clicked on forgot password and i was told a link has been sent to my mail which I didn’t receive on my mail

  40. I’m doing the test and am about to submit the site logout when I try to trying the test again they said my account is blocked, please I need your help

  41. I’m doing the test they site logout 3times an when I try to enter the test agains the said my account are block. Please any solution???

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