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  1. Hauwau abdulkadir magayaki

    Due to network error my account has been blocked, please I need help

  2. Can I sign up online

    • yahaya abdul wadud

      pls there is an error in the email I used for npower batch
      C instead of (waduddbrreez) I used (waduddbreeze) by adding one E, on the email, how can I still logging pls I need your help

  3. Sir, so many people are complaining that, they have their user ID on their acknowledgement slip but they forgot their registered emails, pls is there anyway to recover their account?

    • Engr, I’m sorry but unfortunately I have no idea how that can be done. Maybe you should contact NASIMS portal support directly.

  4. I have done all the uploading.
    I want to write the test but they said I’m being blocked.

  5. Good day
    After updating my profile, am having difficulties taking the test
    I was told email not found
    What do I do

  6. I was curiously to know when is deadline

  7. Plz sir there was error in my mail during registration, the email appear like this***

  8. sir i score 45 what is next stage

  9. Hello,my email address is showing account not found ,am sure it’s the email i registered with last year, i have sent several messages to support n tried to chat online with the agent but no response. Please wat should i do.

    • Omoniyi, please learn to always read the instruction. First thing, you are to use the ‘Forgot Password’ to recover your account before you can log in

  10. Please can you help me with my password, bcuz I have been trying almost everyday but it refuse.

    • Use the ‘Forgot Password’ to recover your account

      • Toheeb Tunde Salawudeen

        I have difficulty in uploading my picture. I was able to update my profile but faced the problem of picture uploading and I have been on it for more than 5 days now. Please help me to solve the problem. Thanks.

      • You need to resize all your documents to required file size for easy uploading

  11. Good day sir. My account has been blocked after second attempt of the test. I try to contact the NASIMS portal support Centre but can’t contacts them. What is the cause and what should be do?

  12. Adeleke Christiana

    Good morning sir/ma pls am having issues trying to update my data and have been trying this constantly kindly help out sir/ma

  13. Please admin I’ve tried logging in the email I used using the forgetting password option and it’s showing account not found but they have showed me the date of my exam, please what should i do?

  14. Please my account is blocked and I have sent hundreds of email to support nasims and no reply yet I don’t know what to do am getting scared

  15. Pls sir I have tried the rest password option and its telling me email not found while the email I used is still the one I used for registration.what else should I do sir

  16. Good day sir. My account has been blocked after second attempt of the test. What is the cause and what should be do?

  17. Ajibola Damilare Taiwo

    I have updated my profile and it shows ‘successful, we will get back to you’ but when i logout and i login again i saw that my profile has not been updated.

  18. Otokocha Cynthia

    Please assit I’m told that a link has been sent to me is over 3weeks I have not seen it,I tried again is saying account not found.

  19. good morning Ma\Sir, i tried login but saying something went wrong try again later. i even tried changing my password still not working.

  20. Good morning, please i tried updating my bio.when it gets to my document upload is 200kb I saw.in otherwise all my document are more than required size! Please what do I do ?

  21. Edem, Emem Effiong

    Please ma/sir I have been having failed BVN validation and transactions error for the pass one week only for me to find out that where i have date of birth did not carry my date of birth but it’s having this no 32245

    • The error should be from your bank or from NASIMS portal, contact any of them and they should help you on what next to do

  22. Odeyemi oluwabunmi christianah

    I have been trying to validate my bvn but it keep saying try later.please what is the problem

  23. Good afternoon si/ma. For the past few hour now, I’ve been trying to have my BVN verified, all I get is transaction failed try again later or BVN verificafion failed. Try again later. If error persists, contact the support system.

    What do I do please since all my details are correct?

  24. Chidinma Ezenwelu

    Good morning. For the past three days now, I’ve been trying to have my BVN verified, all I get is transaction failed try again later or BVN verificafion failed. Try again later. If error persists, contact the support system.

    What do I do please since all my details are correct?


    My account is blocked and I don’t know the reason for that. Please, I need assistance here before the shutdown of the site. Thanks

  26. I updated my profile yesterday. I want to take the test now, but NASIMS ID verification is not responding. What should I do?

  27. The system is saying my account has been blocked while I am trying to use my last chance to write the test

  28. Jane Emekwo Ukoha

    Good morning Sir.pls I want to write the test

    • Hello Jane, Ensure that you have updated your records on the NASIMS portal before proceeding to write the test. Regards

    • First, visit nasims.gov.ng to get started. For first time login, recover your password using the underlisted procedures:

      Click on login
      Use the “Forgot Password” Option
      Enter your N-POWER application email
      Click on “Send Link”
      Check your mail and follow the instructions to reset your password.

      After successful reset of password, please login to update your records.

  29. Please sir, I’ve been trying to validate my Bvn, but it keeps telling me my Bvn has already been used. How do i fix this please? That’s for your assistance

    • Hello Emma, Ensure that your BVN is correct and same with the one you used during registration. You may also wish to contact the NASIMS portal support.

  30. Pls i am trying to log in to write the test but it keeps showing verification process failed, what can i do..

  31. pls this is esther, i have challenge verifying my BVN. pls what could be the problem

    • Hello Esther, ensure that your BVN is correct and the same as the one used during registration. If your BVN is correct, then you have to be patient and keep trying as it may be due to system error.

  32. am not answer even one question due to network error but as am trying now,seem to said my account was been block,please i need help

  33. Please sir, can someone update his documents again after the person has written his test.

    • Hello Samuel, you may need to contact the NASIMS portal admin. Regards

    • Ikim Theresa ntishor

      Iam having problem with login due to my email. I have two email account, I do not know the one I use during the registration.

      • Hello Ikim, you have to be sure of the email you used during registration as you may not be able to login with a different email account.

  34. Christianah Aina

    Pls I was unable to send my bvn details it was just sending error pls help

  35. Please help, im having challenges with bvn verification.

  36. Torbunde Richard

    I want to login for the test

  37. Please I don’t remember my email password what should I do

  38. Please I am unable to login in to my email

    • If it’s Gmail, there are ways to recover your account. Just do some research

      • nasims portal support has not replied all the mail i sent to them.Please Adim assist I cant receive the mail I’m told it has been sent..now my account not found. Thanks

      • Make sure to recover your account first by using the ‘Forgot Password’. You have to wait for the link to arrive after you have sent.

    • Pls i apply for d npower batch c but my fone was stoling wit d number n d person dt stole has change my email password, pls what can i do to reset d password so dt i can update my datas

      • Hello Nancy, you will need to have access to the email you used to register for the NPOWER batch C.

  39. Am unable to write my test because the test page keep loading for the pass 4 days

  40. I noticed that the date of birth that appears on my dashboard is not the one that I registered what should I do to complete my updating

  41. Pls. How do I resolve Gender missing issue

  42. Sir I have received message telling me that I have successfully resetted my password and I have not reset it. Then I tried to reset the password but it says I need to put correct password. Sir what can I do please.

  43. praise ogbodo ovat

    I have provided all my details but my bank account details still does not appear why?

  44. Pls my email did not open again and have tried the possible best to open it bit not open. What should I do. This is my old email: *** This is my new email: ***

  45. Ejembi Obande Richard

    I entered my email and press send link and a massage pop up that a link is sent to my mail and check led the mail I did not see any link .what could be the issue.

  46. Sir am having issues getting the link they keep telling me account is not found

  47. Muzammil Abdulkadir

    I put bmy bvn number but the wrote error in bvn validation what happened?

  48. I’m having issue on the next step when I enter Edith profile after am done to submit it it will say gender required, pls what is the solution

  49. I have been trying to log in but to no avail, what is happening,why is it not opening,?

  50. Janet Agba Erdoo

    I am find a message that “You have Some Errors There” i don’t understand some one help me out

  51. Ojukwu chiwendu Esther

    I have not been sent an email to

  52. Please I was unable to finish with my update due to not having my document on phone,I have to go back and snap it to upload but on getting is still demanding I validate my BVN and when i try validating it again it was showing BVN already used.Pls what’s the solution?

  53. How do I know if I was shortlisted? I’m seeing an error message “account not found”

  54. To check if my name is shortlist for npower 2021

  55. I need to send me a link into my email I need your help

  56. To check if my name is shortlisted for npower 2020.

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