Ghana Medical Schools: A Guide to Study Medicine in Ghana

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A Complete Guide to Study Medicine in Ghana

Ghana is calling: Guide to Study Medicine in Ghana

We put this article together to help you address the major problem by delivering the solution of what is required to study medicine in Ghana, including admission requirement and other basic knowledge you should have before proceeding to study medicine.

Requirements to Study Medicine in Ghana

The first step to take is to ensure you get into the right medical school. There are several medical schools in Ghana which consist of both private and public universities. For public universities, they are made up of both the State and the Federal universities.

The second step of becoming a doctor is to be in the right class, i.e., you must have the right subject combination before you can be considered for admission into medicine and surgery.

For more on subject combination you may want to see Requirements to Study Medicine in Nigeria where a lot has been said on that; though they may not be exactly the same in the two study destinations.

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Medical Schools in Ghana

Here is a list of some private and public medical schools in Ghana that will interest you;

  1. The University of Ghana Medical School, Accra.
  2. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Medical School, Kumasi.
  3. University for Development Studies School of Medicine, Tamale.
  4. University of Cape Coast Medical School.
  5. University of Allied Health Sciences.
  6. Family Health Medical School.
  7. Accra College of Medicine.

Specific Requirements for Some Medical School

Before we continue I will like you to note that minority of the medical schools in Ghana require similar requirements from applicants. We have gone ahead to listed out some major medical schools and their requirements.

College of Health Sciences

You will need your WASSCE/SSSCE. short-listed applicants into programs at the college of health sciences must pass an interview and/or entrance examination.

University of Ghana Medical School

For an applicant looking into gaining entry into bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery entry requirements are; Core credit passes in English, core Mathematics, Integrated science & Social studies. While electives are; credit passes in Chemistry and any two from Physics, Biology, and elective Mathematics.

University of Ghana Dental School, Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Entry requirements are more flexible with the core requirement being credit passes in English, core Mathematics, Integrated Science & Social Studies, while the electives are; credit passes in Chemistry and any two from Physics, Biology and elective Mathematics.

School of Pharmacy, Doctor of Pharmacy

Entry requirements into the school of Pharmacy are as follows:- The core is credit passes in English, core Mathematics, Integrated Science & Social Studies. While the electives are credit passes in Chemistry, Biology and either Physics or elective Mathematics

School of Biological & Allied Health Sciences

Offers the following Courses:

  • Bachelor of Science in Dietetics.
  • Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory.
  • Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy.
  • Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy.
  • Bachelor of Science in Radiography.
  • Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy.

Their entry requirements include, for core subjects, you will need credit passes in English, core Mathematics, Integrated Science & Social Studies. While electives are credit passes in Chemistry, Physics, and either Biology or elective Mathematics.

University Fees for Medical Students

  • Academic Facilities GH¢93,65
  • Examination GH¢50.00
  • Matriculation GH¢7.00
  • Medical Services GH¢18.00
  • Technology Service GH¢ 30.00
  • Registration GH¢5.00
  • University Approved Service GH¢28.00
  • Total Fees for one Academic Year for foreign student is around $ 5,797.00

There are a host of other unmentioned institutions, if your institution of choice isn’t mentioned you can drop a message on the comment section and we will do justice to that for you.

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  1. Good evening Please i am Nigerian i want to know the requirements and fees for the most affordable government or private university in Ghana where i can study Medicine
    Thank you in anticipation

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