CBN/NIRSAL MFB Loan Application Portal Reopens, How to Apply

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) reopens the NIRSAL COVID-19 loan application portal for MSMEs and individual households. CBN had introduced a stimulus package to support households and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Interested and eligible candidates are invited to register for the loan.


The outcome of COVID-19 pandemic have had severe consequences on households’ livelihoods and business activities, resulting from drop in global demand, declined consumer confidence and slowdown in production.

In this respect, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) introduced the N50 billion Targeted Credit Facility (TCF) as a stimulus package to support households and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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CBN/NIRSAL COVID-19 Loan Application | Who Is Eligible?

  • Households: Households with verifiable evidence of livelihood adversely impacted by COVID-19
  • Microenterprises: Existing enterprises with verifiable evidence of business activities adversely affected as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • SMEs: Enterprises with bankable plans to take advantage of opportunities arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Application Procedures

The CBN/NIRSAL COVID-19 Loan Application can be done in these three steps;

STEP 1: Submit an Application

  • You can use your phone, tablet or laptop for the application.
  • Visit NIRSAL COVID-19 loan portal via https://nmfb.com.ng/covid-19-support/ and submit applications directly to NIRSAL Microfinance Bank (NMFB) with clear evidence of the opportunity or adverse impact as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.

STEP 2: Approval

  • NIRSAL MFB reviews your application and forward the application to the CBN for final approval.

STEP 3: Disbursement

  • CBN reviews applications and gives final approval for disbursement to NMFB

Further Notes:

  • Interest Rates: Interest rate under the intervention is 5% p.a. before 1st March 2021 and 9% p.a. after (all inclusive)
  • Load Duration: Working capital will be for a maximum period of one year, with no option for rollover.
  • Loan Amount: Households can access up to N3 million while SMEs can access a maximum of N25 million subject to a number of factors.

Application Deadline: Not Specified

Visit the Official NIRSAL Application Portal for Further Details

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  1. Since 2019 I have applied loan of covid19 which up to date I don’t get approved and many people applied not even up to tow week then receive approved.

  2. Please I have applied for this loan and my loan has been approved,call and attended
    for an interview seen 6-21-2020
    Up to now i didn’t hear from u
    What is the next step pls

    • Loan approved since July 15 2021.. I really want to know how long it will take before i have the money in my account.. I need to start my business as soon as i can. Admin quick response please

  3. Pls I applied for this loan which a test was sent to me that my loan has been approved. i put in my acct details. and it was successful. since on 19th March up till now I have not received the loan pls admin what might be the cause

  4. Pls how do i get my secret token? am yet to receive the secret token on my phone. Admin pls help. Thanks.

  5. Good evening admin,please I have not been able to access my status,whenever I type my BVN it pops up that the BVN does not exist
    Please I need some clarity

    • hello sir i am interested in this but i don’t know how to go about it please help

      • Hello Okosun, Visit NIRSAL COVID-19 loan portal and submit applications directly to NIRSAL Microfinance Bank (NMFB) with clear evidence of the opportunity or adverse impact as a result of COVID-19 pandemic

  6. Good day admin. You are doing a great job. Please I received a message that I havee been approved. A link was sent for me to click. After inputting my bvn, I read through the offer letter but no space to input the account details.will i be paid using bvn?

  7. Ihenegborom, since you’ve been approved then you will definitely get paid. Wait for it

  8. Please concerning covid19 loan is there any possible way to received money account number different with BVN number which get approved, because i used my my account number long ago when my sister get approved, the money was hanged, but just now i received money in my account, and i check my BVN i didn’t get approve


    • Hello Admin. Good evening. Please, for months now, if I tried to validate my bvn, it keeps saying bvn does not exist. What’s the way out please???

  10. Each time i type my bvn to validate it keep on writing bvn does not exist. What do i do. Admin please direct me on what to do please

  11. good day i folled the link you paste and my bvn was requested and i typed but the error message i got was that my bvn is not correct what should i do

  12. I have completed my loan registration but any time I want validate my bvn its always said bvn not approved pls need help

  13. Hello sir, I got a text of qualifications for the loan , with a link sent to further accept with my BVN number, but unfortunately I lost my phone,don’t now how to get the link back can you please help ,Am salome Ene Okewu

      • Hello and good!
        I followed ur link and I clicked on “add other account”.I was requested to input my BVN number, but it showed BVN doesn’t exist..
        And have been using same BVN for years now.
        Is this normal?

      • Hello Charity, you may need to contact the administrators of the CBN/NIRSAL MFB Loan Portal. Regards

      • Hello sir, have been having issues in receiving my secret token pin, and also another link I tried to see if I could access d loan keep saying bvn does not exist. Please I really do need help cause I need the loan to help grow my business bigger. Thanks

      • Pls I checked my laon status via my BVN and 180k was approved in Feb . But I got the message in June that I have read and rejected the offer. How do I go about getting it . I never rejected the offer

    • I applied for Nirsal/CBN Agric loan since last year, I was selected and called for interview. But until now I’m not getting any information about it again. I’m trying to log as returning applicant but I can’t go beyond first page

      • Good afternoon, pls I applied for CBN/NAISAL loan since Feb. 2019. I have done everything and was call for interviews. But uptill today, I have not received any thing or had a call from any body.

  14. Please admin,I’ve been trying to apply through the web link,but I didn’t get any secret token code which has been delaying my application, please what do I do?

    • Please my loan was approved but where to enter my account details did was not indicated. What should I do. Thanks

  15. I applied since March,, I want to check my status but it keep saying bvn does not exist.. please wat does it mean? And please can someone still apply?

  16. PLs, good day I have been apply for household loan since i did get any message for appproval. thank you.

  17. Please i want to apply but while inserting my BVN i got the error message BVN does no exist. Kindly help

      • Good morning, I apply last last year and I got a link to put my bvn anytime I put my bvn what I always see is ur loan has not been approve try again later, this year I apply again and it was successful and got my Tcf reference no, but I haven’t seen anything till now

    • I’m a business lady I need loan for my business to grow… thanks and I believe with God all things are possible

  18. Dear Admin,
    I am waiting for you so long! Please, review my application and forward the application to the CBN for final approval, did you accept what I am saying?

    • Dear Sanusi, please we don’t review applications here. We are only here to guide you on how to apply for the loan

      • Please I need assistance am trying to apply for new portal of covid 19 loan but is telling me that I have a none performing loan my application can’t continue

  19. Please for House hold loan … what sort of documents are required for evidence of Covid 19?

    • I am one of those that have applied for the loan in which
      some of my members have received theirs but it was Nirsal that sent message to me that my loan has been approved for disbursement but due to error In bvn they can’t give me the loan so I was directed by them to swear ino an affidavit and go to my bank to collect a correct account number with bvn and submit to the nearest branch I which I did but since then I did not see anything for close to 3 months now

    • Each time I input my bvn to validate my bvn, it shows me a wrong name which is not my name. I complained to nirsal bank branch at lokoja kogi state and it is still showing the wrong name and with that I cant accept my offer. Please what should I do???

  20. I have successfully applied for the NIRSAL COVID-19 LOAN, the message was your application was successfully validated and created. what else should I do to get the loan? because I am yet to get a message requesting for my account number.

  21. I can’t validate my loan application using the link sent to my e-mail, it is showing me BVN does not exist. I need your help

    • BVN is meant to verify your identity, so it won’t be possible for someone to use yours and get approval

  22. Have gotten an approved message since March 16 2021. And I was told to send my account number which i did, but nothing yet..

  23. To register successful you have to click on either click on Commercial Loan or Covid -19 TCF. A pop reference code will appear on your screen and you have to copy and paste it where you would like to save on your PC or better still you can save it on your mobile phone. Then, you continue the application until you reach the last stage then click on submit. If its complaining about your BVN that it’s incorrect that means you have to check your full name very well especially your surname because it won’t recognise a name with a space like “Ibn Salam” should be written this way ” Ibnsalam”. If the page is showing error or couldn’t complete your application you need to check your internet connection or use google chrome. Important Notice- Please make sure that you selected the one that you know that you will be granted the loan otherwise they will just review your application and disqualify you.

  24. Hello Admin, I have already apply CBN COVID – 19 Loan successfully and save the application reference number without any problem during registration. many applicants forgot to save their application reference number, so when the approval and disbursement will be? and what is the important of application reference to those who are successful approval for disbursement?

    • Congrats on your successful application, of course ‘reference number’ should be for reference as the name sounds

    • You should find that information on the article above. Meanwhile I guess the question should be better directed to NIRSAL MFB offering the loan

  25. I applied for sms but whenever I checked my status I will be required to make a certificate. When I proceed with either install or cancel returns to first page. Please, help me

  26. Hello Admin, this is very good effort by feferal government of Nigeria through central bank to given out COVID – 19 loan to Nigerians! we are all happy and appreciate about that, but let me know how many nigeians will be benefited with this loan in numbers figure according to your statistics? and therefore do you have any plan now or in the future to organise a similar COVID – 19 loan to we Nigerians?

    • Sanusi, I wish I can answer your question but I guess FG will have an answer to it and maybe a better one

  27. Hello Admin, I am very apprecition! I have already submitted my own application, please for your possible assistance when the approval and disbursement will be take place? so let me to know from you?

  28. Please how long does it take to receive the fund in ones bank account.I have accepted the offer since almost 2weeks now

      • Hello Admin. I was approved for the loan and i did all the necessary things but i received call from one of Nirsal staff that they would need to create account for me but since then i didn’t receive the loan

  29. I am a benefiary of this loan. It has helped in alliviating my financial challenges. To God be the glory!

  30. I have tried it for many times since 12th of this month but it keeps showing invalid bvn or bvn does not exist, please help me out

    • Please I have successfully submitted my form more than three weeks now and I have not received any reply or message. Should I have reasons to worry or be patient

      • I have been applied since 2019 tildate but not any respond, I am still waiting and hoping it will reach me Insha Allah

      • I got that my loan has been approved since April 12…uptil now I haven’t see any money, when I click on that link I see an agreement about the loan yet I haven’t seen any money…it’s getting to 1month now

    • Whenever we need the help you are guaranteed to help us I apply loan over one month and now I hope if around there we will get the loan from you thanks you sir

  31. Admin, please, I have been trying on the second page on the portal since, but it is not moving to the next page. What can I do to this?

  32. I am having challenges at step 5 of 6 . The only thing there show me is that, proposed tenor is not less than a month and when i click on the next button, it does not work. I do not know what to do again.

      • I apply since February 2021 have not seen anything,and as for my TCF reference number I misplaced it,is it going affect me in any way? please help me and have not seen any message.

  33. Please sir, I’m still at the first stage of the registration and I keep seeing “Invalid BVN Details” each time i input my BVN number. I even try another BVN but still shows the same thing, what do I do because i made sure i carefully input my BVN?

  34. Good sir/ma,

    Please I need support to process mine”. Since I find it difficult with the network troubles… Please I really need this support. Thanks….many times

    • I just found out that my registration was approved but it stated I have read and rejected the terms and Conditions. It’s showing the offer letter was sent on the 17th of February 2021. Is there anything I can do to recover it?

  35. Pls I need assistance , my email address was wrong n I got an sms fro NIRSAL that a link has been sent to my mail

  36. Please Admin, I have a little problem and that is, I did not copy down or save the reference number sent to me. Please how can I get it back cos I was told they will still ask me of the number to approve the loan. Can I call the customer care for help or wot can I do?

    Thank you admin

    • I guess that should have been sent to your email. If still can’t find it, then of course you should contact the program support

      • Admin an approval message was sent to me on the 17th March I have accepted the offer of 750,000 but till now I haven’t seen any alert … What could be the probl

      • Francis, I can’t say I know how quickly the money is usually disbursed. I guess you should just wait patiently for it

  37. Admin sir/ma,
    I have summited mine but I’ve not gotten any feedback. I need the loan to get more sewing machine and to expand my business

      • Hello Admin,

        Kindly help ot at this stage, for 3 days now I have been trying to complete my application but at stage 5 (Loan Information) will not open, it keeps showing a blank page and remain like that, at times the page will flash for a second of 2 and turn blank again. what could problem be? can you help with correcting this error?

        Thank you

    • I applied since last yr April till now no approved and I also did survive fund till now no money why .pls God open my case in CBN today I need this money in Jesus name Amen

      • Michelle, funny you, let’s hope God answers your prayer. Just exercise some patience if you filled in your application correctly

  38. There is itch getting to page 2 of 6 on the application. Could it be network or portal issues? I really need this loan to start my business back.

  39. I was told I wasn’t eligible because I have an outstanding loan with a microfinance bank that would elapse in two months time. I’ve been making my payments every month without default all along.

    Is that enough yardstick to say I’m not eligible? Moreover, like I said earlier, I’ve never defaulted all along.

    • You should simply click the ‘Apply Now’ button under the category you wish to apply for, and you will be able to proceed with further instructions

  40. Hello Admin, been trying to apply for the household but it wont let me, i input my bvn but keeps saying invalid. does it mean the portal is NOT full opened?

  41. Please adim the site is not working what’s wrong if I put my bvn it say error please try again or invalid bvn why and it not follow step by step

      • HI Admin I have apply covid19 household loan Application since july 2020 I dont know my status bcos of I lost my Sim card For 2 mounth befor I wellcombact . I want apply TCF but is showing that I have non performing loan, Application will not proceed, what should I do

      • Admin good day,each time I apply,they will ask for secret token code which I don’t know how to retrieve

    • I saw the message in my mail but I want to verifying it but the network has problem please reform it

    • Congratulations you’re opportune to be there. Your message seems like you’re mocking us here…show a little empathy

      • Funny you Daniel, I don’t feel it’s mockery. I guess he just doesn’t want to be notified of opportunities that are not directly useful to him

    • Hi admin I just applied this night and it was successful. Pls will I receive a mail after a successful application or not bcos I didn’t get so hope no issue? And there was no provision to input Account number too while I was filling the form.

  42. I have applied for the loan with my phone with out getting anything even after the system acknowledge receipt and congratulated me for,while those we applied at the same time got their money, later again after several months another package of under going training with NDE came,I also went for the training obtained my certificate and got my business plan, but the same my all those whom I attended the training with,were called for interview but until now my name haven’t been selected why?or am I not eligible?

    • I always check if mine has been approved but it keep saying not yet approved since last year… Is there anything I can do next

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