FG Survival Fund Program 2022 Application Update

Federal Government Survival Fund Application: Hope is not lost if you are yet to apply for the FG Survival Fund Program as another application round opens. Remember that the Federal Government of Nigeria launched the Survival Fund Program targeted at individual artisans and small businesses. In a report, already FG has paid 59,000* artisan beneficiaries across 24 states (*the number of beneficiaries has long surpassed this figure by now).

The Survival Fund Program includes Payroll Support, Guaranteed Offtake and MSME Grant. The FG MSME CRM & MIS Platform, which is dedicated for the survival fund program, is to help with the digital registration, onboarding and management of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises for the program.

What to Know About the Survival Fund Program

  • The program is part of the Economic Sustainability Plan, which aims to support and protect these businesses from the potential vulnerabilities brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • There are three categories of the program
  1. Payroll Support – assists in paying employees of a business
  2. Guaranteed Offtake – assists businesses to kick start or in rebuilding
  3. MSME Grant – free grants for Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprises.
  • Any Nigerian with a running business (registered or not registered) can apply for either of the categories they qualify for.

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Survival Fund 2022 | Steps to Partake in the Program 


The very first step to be part of the Federal Government Survival Fund Program is to register with your business and(or) personal information on the survival fund application portal.


After registering on the platform, the next is to complete the onboarding process by adding Organisation, Bank and Employees details.

Step 2: GET PAID

Once your application has been successfully verified, you are then eligible to get paid under the scheme applied for.

How to Register

The following Steps will guide you in registering for the survival fund 2022 program;

  • Proceed to the Survival fund registration portal survivalfund.gov.ng 
  • Click on the ‘Start Here’ button, that will take you to the survival fund application form options
  • Choose the category you want to apply for, by clicking ‘Payroll Support Register’, ‘MSME Grant Register’ or ‘Guaranteed Offtake Register’
  • Fill in your information in the form as correct as possible to avoid disqualification at verification state

After successful registration, you will;

  • Receive an Activation Code on your mobile, use to activate your profile
  • Login to Your Profile to proceed with the onbording process.

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UPDATE: The 2022 survival fund program is currently on hold but is expected that the application portal will open soon for interested applicants to send in their applications. You can Sign-Up Now to get a reminder when it is re-opened; stay updated with other trending opportunities.

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  1. I received a message that states “due to federal government relief fund you have been shortlisted to receive 84k that I should call this number” I called the number I was told to send account number of FCMB I told the lady I don’t have account with the bank she say I should look for who have, I got the account number and send to her since 11 of September she say she will get back to me the last time I called she say that the account has mobile app that I should look for the one that doesn’t have, please I want to understand what mobile app has to do with payment of grant thanks.

  2. If u like to send if not tell us not. how long we may waiting for you u people

  3. We got the survival fund for three months last year 2020 but to our surprise February 2021 N30,000. Was deducted from the company account and this June another credit negative N30,000. Was deducted from the company account. Our bank was contacted and claimed that it was from survival fund. We like to know are we paying back the fund? If not please let us know the narrative.

    • FG Survival fund was meant to help your company pay you for months they were unable to pay. So you need to reconcile with your company

  4. Good day admin,please I registered my company on this survive fund and was verified,but as at when they called ,before I could get to my phone,it dropped,and now I cant reach then and they didn’t call back. And non of my employees was called,should I still expect the payment?

    Thanks for always been there for us God bless you.

  5. I have been called for more Dan one month now but haven been paid,
    they called one of my friend last week and there have paid her.
    should i still hope for it?

  6. Good evening..I actually got to the last stage of manage profile,but it’s not connecting after then…it’s only shows a white page and it’s not changing for days..
    Pls kindly help or suggestions.

  7. I heard the information late and I try to login and register with the survival fund but unfortunately the scheme has close
    please what i can do is there any way for me to register it again?
    I help your help

  8. Mine
    I was verified and they called and ask me how many workers am i having i replied 10.
    My question is there assurance that i will get the found?
    I apply for grant sir. Thanks

      • Please admin, I want to register for this fund, kindly direct and help in how to fill the required information. Thanks sir

      • Hello Adonis, the following Steps will guide you in registering for the survival fund 2021 program;

        Proceed to the Survival fund registration portal
        Click on the ‘Start Here’ button, that will take you to the survival fund application form options
        Choose the category you want to apply for, by clicking ‘Payroll Support Register’, ‘MSME Grant Register’ or ‘Guaranteed Offtake Register’
        Fill in your information in the form as correct as possible to avoid disqualification at verification state

        After successful registration, you will;

        Receive an Activation Code on your mobile, use to activate your profile
        Login to Your Profile to proceed with the onbording process.

  9. Four of us were registered in our company and successfully verified but only three were paid
    Only me is yet to be paid pls what could be d issue,do I have any hope.thanks

  10. I was called last week,and asked my name,but I mistakenly gave my maiden name as surname but last name was correct,the person that called me said the surname i mentioned is different from the one she has and hanged up,I tried calling back to explain,there was no response and I even sent text message but still no response,but my bank details carries my maiden name,do I still have hope? thank you

  11. Good day Admin, 2 of my employees were credited on the 15th of March while the 3rd person was not credited. I noticed that the person that was not credited uses a Sterling Bank but the other 2 operates Gtb account.
    Cpuld this be an oversight sir and how do i contact them that the person was not credited.
    thank you sir

    • Congrats Shitta, but sincerely we know nothing about the fund payments except for guiding you through the application procedures

  12. I have a question I have profile in the survival fund an even though no any member in the company received a call .an they have verified all members in the payroll .so are you going paid even without call or any group who didn’t received a call it has been dismissed ?






  14. sir i could not answer some questions correctly due to the critical condition i was in,does that means i am disqualified.when during registration i was verified.

    • Sir please I have registered for survival fund last year without using any certificate of CAC but almost two or three people called and asked if I received any alert of the survival fund and I answered and said no then they told me that the reason why I have not received the alert is that my BVN is reading two different date of birth so they said that I should go to the bank that I have done my BVN to update my account data or if my ATM card was with me I should disclose the ATM card information to them unfortunately enough the ATM card was not with me and I told them that it was not with me then they asked me to go and get it after I got it I tried calling them but their number were not reachable Since then I could not hear from them again Does it mean that I am not qualify to benefit from it? Please advise me because right now I am confused. Thanks

      • Neither your bank, nor Study Green or Survival Fund will advise you to disclose your ATM card details to anyone on phone. Please always go to the bank to sort yourself out on any issue concerning your BVN/bank account and never disclose your card details on phone call. Regards

    • Good evening,pls I will like to ask if d money is refundable. My boss said is refundable that I should pay her 20k. So I should take 10k
      That when we are to refund it he will pay d interest. Pls help I

  15. Pls i got referral for one fg some in January, yet to see any money, then in February, another one through Enugu State contacted me again though I got refered too and not the same amount with the previous one, I actually thought it’s a state thing that’s why I enrolled but found out now that it’s fg too but through that state.. just yesterday my friends got alerts from the state but I didn’t does it mean I won’t get? Or it might be I didn’t fall into that batch?

    • Although I don’t understand you clearly, but I advise you wait for the payment if you did everything right

    • Good evening.

      I was among the first batch that benefited from the survival fund.I did not receive the second payment only the first and third payment last year.

      I am grateful thus far, I will really appreciate if it can be checked and rectified so I can receive the second payment. God bless!

  16. please I missed a call from the survival fund yesterday and I called back, but it wasn’t going through..please any advice

  17. i got a call earlier last month from survival fund , i was interview, after den i didn’t hear from them again. but today i miss their call .what should i do?

  18. Hello
    I got a call from you guys, Ola to be precise, the network was very bad and I had to hang up. Now i have neem trying to call back all to no avail.. please what can I do?

  19. Good afternoon, my 3 colleagues was called on phone today in Abia out of 5. I was still inside church by 3:05pm they called me. The phone was in silent. It was when we dismissed I noticed missed call. Will survival fund still pay me?

  20. Good afternoon, please I inter registering my business but I don’t know if its closed. I hope I can get the admin reply soon. Thanks.

      • admin i apply for survival fund and I was called for verification on the 7th of march but i could not complete the called due network failure. so how can I contact the customer service of F G survival fund to complete my verification process.

      • I applied for Survival fund but I do pay my 9 staffs by envelope at every month end because almost all of them doesn’t have bank acc

  21. I registered under nasarawa state since 29th January and i haven’t been called ever since am starting to wonder if the qouta has been met and i don’t stand to benefit pls admin what can i do

  22. Good morning admin. My account and my staff have been verified since two months ago but we are yet to get call and paid. Any update on that?

      • Hi, Good evening.
        Thanks for your prompt response.
        I’m a director of my company. Last week Friday missed call from the survival fund official. I tried calling back but wasn’t patching through. Till now they have not called me or any of my staffs. Please I hope this will not disqualify us?

      • Pls I was called, to be verified and I was ask to say my acct no…but don’t know it all off hand..pls hope I won’t be disqualified…thanks

  23. I have been verified since last two months and I have not been paid, is there any possibility to get pay?

  24. Good afternoon Sir.. please all the account has been verified and WHEN ARE THEY STARTING THE CALL AND THEMONET DISBURSMENT TO ACCOUNT

      • I think the right thing would be to get your line retrieved and kept active if that was the one used for the Survival Fund application.

      • The processing is in batches, I guess you should wait for the call if you did fill your application correctly.

      • My colleagues called me that they called them. I missed my own call because I was on a transcript and didn’t know when the phone rang. I have tried to reach the number that called me no response. Please what should I do now.

      • You don’t have to call them, they will call again. If your company is qualified and your colleagues too, then you can’t be disqualified. keep calm!

      • Please Sir, all my Staff have been verified, my business account number is of Union Bank, I queued it in correctly but it’s writing unverified till now and my BVN is writing NO_CHECK on my survival fund profile check, please Sir What do I do to get it verified or replace it with my personal account ??

        Thank you very much Sir as I anticipate your favourable response.

  25. Kindly explain to me what or why the staffs BVN is needed, am I was reluctant to give mine out to my boss. Why do they need our BVN PLEASE?

    • Hello Shola, it is to help in the verification of applicants and to ensure that no one person is enrolled twice. Best regards

      • Good afternoon, I just received call to verify my information but the network of my area is not good we don’t hear each other. Please do I still have a hope?

  26. Please sir, I applied the grant since last year and I was verified and still am yet to be pay. When will I get pay?

  27. i register with payroll support since in the first batch and i and four of my member have ben verified but non of us was paid and i don’t know why?


  29. GOOD DAY ALL, A MESSAGE WAS SENT TO MY SURVIVAL FUND TO COMPLETE MY REGISTRATION SINCE DECEMBER LAST YEAR WHICH I DID, *** your message too long, please try sending it through the contact form.

  30. I have registered since 8th of February and everything has been verified. Unfortunately my staff said they don’t want to be included because they are not ready to release their BVM. Is mandatory that employees must be included before a company owner application is considered and approved?

  31. good morning, I benefit from pyro support for three months, and i want know if i qualifier for this second face. thank you

  32. My CAC number is not been verified cos the alphabet in from of the number is not been allowed. What’s the solution pls

  33. My business number has alphabet e.g OY51……..but the alphabet is not coming up in the CAC number column . Please what is the solution?

  34. Please can I register for two scheme. I have register for the msme payroll scheme and I also want to register go another new scheme can I do that

  35. Good day sir, I have been verified and received a call from the survival fund since last year December and up till now 2021 I have not received any payment from them I want to know my stand if my application was approved. Thanks Samuel

  36. Please I did not remember that I had activated my account. upon trying it again, I got a message that my account is suspended due to irregular activities. Please help restore it for me

  37. i wan to register for the MSME GRANT but the link is not responding, is it that the site is yet to open or could it be network? thanks waiting for your reply.

  38. My company is verifiefd, 5 of my staff are verified and 5 are not verified. Its showing incorrect. I noticed, there are errors on some DOB and Bank details. Please, How can I rectify this errors

  39. Thank God for this encouraging initiative from FG, I believe collapsed businesses will rise again.

  40. I have completed my registration and submitted but no code was sent to me and I know someone a code was sent to,please doesn’t mean anything?

  41. Please, I have been trying to upload my workers bank details but I no longer see manage beneficiary on d site again. I don’t know how to go about it.
    Pls I need help

  42. Submitted application on 31st, CAC and Account shows verified but beneficiaries is still showing captured. Does this mean the application has been rejected?

  43. Please sir I completed my registration CAC and business owner account was verified but BVN status was showing incorrect and it’s correct

  44. I am stocked in CAC Incorporation No asking me to verify and till now, still not verified. How do I go about this please, likewise, when is it closing?

    • Hello Stelitol, you can contact the survival fund site administrator. The closing date is 2nd February for states that did not meet up their quota. Regards

      • please admin,i need your assistance on this, i received a code while trying to activate my account,but after i put the code the response i got was NO TOKEN FOUND FOR THIS CODE,pls what will i do??

    • My company name is Iyke best Auto supply I need this money to grow my business and to able to pay my staff s well thanks

      • My business currently need financial assistance to keep growing. Please help Nigeria youths who are trying on their own to be financially stable and contribute to the society. We all need this help. God bless our country

      • Pls is the MSME application still on? Cuz l tried applying for it but information l got was that, it has been closed. And pls, what is the deadline?

      • Uzoma, all categories of the survival fund program is still open and active except the Payroll Support category, you should retry

    • I have ativate the code but my Nafdac number is saying invalid , and the have congratulated me, what will I do.

    • We have entered full details of all the information but the green indicator on progress track is not full. Should I leave it like that or is my information captured like that?


    • We are sorry, we do not have any control on survival fund payment from here. Maybe you should be patient and wait, if your company qualified then you will certainly get paid.

      • Pls are those who benefitted from the previous survival funds still apply or the previous one is still active and relevant for this new distribution?

      • Please admin,am a beneficiary of the payroll, but my company produce all the requirements,and I have trying to register but it ts not giving me a positive response, can’t I be I beneficiary again?

      • Hello Admin,
        Could you help to clarify this for me, please the payroll support for the schools are they meant for the school owners or the employees? The reason for this is that I have a situation where staff just benefited from this support and the school owner instructed the employee to transfer all the money into the school account.
        Your feedback will be highly appreciated clarifying this issue.
        Note: During the lockdown this particular school failed to pay s

      • I think it wrong for the school to request for the money, it was suppose to be for the employee’s salaries the school/business was unable to pay

  46. I salute the FGN with this life changing initiatives that can guarantee economic growth and sustainability. This is capable of repositioning Nigeria in the commity of nations with robust and competitive economy. I therefore, need your help to expand my Rice, Maize and Sorghum fields.

  47. I’m into piggery and I have challenges last year whereby fever swine killed all my pigs and I don’t know where to start again. Please, my friend that is into fishery has taught me how to do hatchery and I needs financial assistance to start up. There’s land to start the business but the total capital estimated is #650,000. To get a borehole, four ponds, generator and maintaining it. I can refund this money back within a year with interest.

    Thank you.

    • Hello. I applied for the payroll grant, some of my workers have been called, others haven’t. Please, does my mean the workers who haven’t received any call are not qualified and won’t be paid?, or not all workers will be called?. Thanks.

  48. My business currently need financial assistance to keep growing. Please help Nigeria youths who are trying on their own to be financially stable and contribute to the society. We all need this help. God bless our country

    • We are on the registration, bu when ever we come to add employee adress shows that BVN/account number already exist. Please need your help

  49. I need ur help for me to.move forward am so excited for such an intellectual idea for this help rendition

    • we have applied for the survival fund since September 21st but there was no payment till date especially in Lagos, please we also need help in Lagos state

  50. Please I need Asistant from federal Government, as to help in their little ways support me in finance and Academic. Thanks I know you can be of help.

  51. I am happy for the initiative government has put in place. They show that they care for the people. Please show me some love too, I really need it now

  52. I need help from FG to make me stand on my feet again , when I hier the news that this kind of help is going on I said to my self that God has done it so help thanks

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