10 Best Universities In The World To Study Architecture

Are you in love with Architecture or ever wonder what institutions are the brain behind our world’s brilliant architects we have around. Then you should learn about the 10 Best Universities In The World To Study Architecture. All schools listed are top ranking institutions and do admit students from all nationalities.

Architecture is a rewarding career offered by top universities and schools of environmental studies around the world. From mind-blowing artistic and urban designs to environmentally significant structures, architecture has played a significant role in the history of human existence. Students who seek to pursue quality education in architecture can do so without any worries.

There are prestigious scholarships at these universities which enable both local and international students to pursue the architectural programs of their dreams. To secure admission at any of these universities, masters, and PhD applicants are required to submit a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a portfolio.

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  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States
  2. Delft University of Technology Delft, Netherlands
  3. University College London, United Kingdom
  4. ETH Zurich-Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich, Switzerland
  5. Harvard University, United States
  6. National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore
  7. Manchester School of Architecture, United Kingdom
  8. University of California, Berkeley, United States
  9. Tsinghua University Beijing, China
  10. Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy

Now, let’s dive into details…

Best Universities to Study Architecture | DETAILS

10 Best Universities to Study Architecture

1.) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States-

MIT has held the position of the best university in architecture for 10 consecutive years including 2022 by the QS world university ranking and Top University. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is home to innovative research and study of art, design, history/criticism of architecture, building technology, and architectural computation. Students who seek to get the best education with hands-on experience in the field of architecture can gain admission into MIT to study with the latest architectural curriculum and technology. Students are allowed to design modern and postmodern buildings as well as numerous internship opportunities.

MIT School of Architecture offers the following programs: the BSc in Architecture, BSc in Art and Design, Master of Architecture, MSc in Architecture Studies, MSc in Building Technology, MSc in Art, Culture, and Technology, and PhD in architecture.

2.) Delft University of Technology Delft, Netherlands-

This university grooms its students to become experts in the fields of real estate, landscape design, urban planning, building technology, and architecture. Students develop analytical skills and learn how to solve problems relating to urbanization, climate change, and the development of existing buildings. Students are taught by experts in the following degree programs:

  • 3-year bachelor of architecture program
  • 2-year master of architecture, urbanism, and building sciences program
  • 4-year PhD program in any of the following areas: architecture, building technology, urbanism, landscape architecture, geomatics, management of the built environment and housing, covering aspects such as history, cultural heritage, and sustainability.

3.) University College London, United Kingdom

This university is known for its world call education from experts in the field of architecture and design. Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and technologies to boost their creative skills. The university allows students to carry out research projects and build professional networks through work placements. The university boasts of an overwhelming employability rate of 90% for its graduates of architecture. The Bartlett School of Architecture is ranked 3rd in the world among top architecture schools according to the QS World Ranking by subject 2022.

Students can choose from any of the programs below to study at UCL:

  • A five-year bachelor’s and master’s program in architecture with a final year on placement.
  • A three-year BSc program architecture program
  • A four-year BSc and Master of engineering program
  • About 17 postgraduate programs for Masters Study in Architecture

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4.) ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,  Zürich, Switzerland.

This university is one of the best universities worldwide in the field of architecture. It is ranked 4th place among the best universities that offer architecture according to the QS World Ranking by subject 2022.

This university gives its students project-based and creative architectural education. Students explore design, construction, historical and social aspects of the architectural program. Masters and doctoral students work on large projects. All students have access to architectural technologies, laboratories, studios, and research centers. The Architectural Master’s program lasts for two years with a 6-month internship period. Afterward, PhD programs last for about 6 years while the undergraduate program last for 3 years.

Knowledge of German and English is required to study architecture at this university.

  • Bachelor of architecture – This is a three-year program taught in German and English Language.
  • Master of Science in Architecture-
  • Master of Science in Landscape Architecture-
  • PhD program in landscape and urban studies
  • PhD in history and theory of architecture

5.) Harvard University, United States-

Harvard University School of Design is known for its design-focused and rich curriculum covering areas such as restructuring inner cities, historical contexts transformation and development of cities, and exploration of studio geographies such as Berlin, Shanghai, Paris, and other cities. Harvard University awards numerous scholarships to its architectural students. These include American Society of Landscape Architects scholarships, Architects Foundation scholarship, Association for Women in Architecture Foundation Scholarship, and many others.

Students also enjoy internship placement opportunities such as Takenaka Summer Internships and others through the Harvard GSD Job & Internship Fair every year.

The university offers the following programs for students:

  • Bachelor of Architecture program
  • Master of Architecture in Urban Design- Individuals who have completed a five-year undergraduate professional program in architecture or its overseas equivalent are eligible for this program.
  • Master of Landscape Architecture in Urban Design-Individuals who have completed a four-year undergraduate professional program in landscape architecture or its overseas equivalent are eligible for this program.
  • PhD programs in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, or Urban Planning

6.) National University of Singapore (NUS) Singapore-

This University is renowned for its excellent research-based architectural program which gives students practical design skills and creative thinking skills. The National University of Singapore is Asia’s best and top 6 in the world in the field of architecture according to the QS World Ranking by subject 2022.

The university offers a 4-year Bachelor of Arts in Architecture program, 2-year Master of Architecture program, and 4–5-year PhD architecture program.

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7.) Manchester School of Architecture United Kingdom-

The University of Manchester fosters excellence in architectural design, research, and collaboration. The university is ranked 7th among the best architectural universities according to the QS world ranking by subject 2022.  The University of Manchester offers students a 2-year master of architecture program and 5-year doctor of architecture program.

Manchester School of Architecture is a collaboration between The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University. Students are taught by experts in the field of architecture to develop practical skills in problem-solving. The course is accredited by the Royal Institute for British Architects (RIBA) and the Architects Registration Board (ARB). Students collaborate with their colleagues and experts at the Manchester Metropolitan University to learn about high-quality design and be inspired by the architectural projects of graduates from Manchester university. Field trips and internship placement help students hands-on experience in the field of architecture.

8.) University of California, Berkeley, United States-

The University of California offers a 4-year undergraduate architecture program, 2 years master’s program, and 3-year doctoral programs which are accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) in the US. University of California is ranked 8th for best universities in architecture in QS World University Rankings by subject 2022. This prestigious university equips students with architectural research skills, and design. The department offers an accredited professional Master of Architecture (MArch), a post-professional Master of Advanced Architectural Design (MAAD), Master of Science (MS) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees.

9.) Tsinghua University Beijing, China-

Tsinghua university is ranked 2nd in Asia and 9th among the top universities in the world in architecture according to the QS world university ranking by subject 2022. ‘The Harvard of China’, as it is fondly called, offers students an innovative approach in learning architectural design. The few lucky students (about 12) given admission to study at the undergraduate level have the opportunity to build projects and excel at design challenges. Students get a blend of Chinese and European architecture which is taught in English. Masters and doctoral students are offered a worldwide accredited Master of architecture and doctor of architecture respectively. Masters students also intern for 6 months at foreign or Chinese architectural firms in China. The job opportunities open to architectural graduates are numerous all over the world.

The school of architecture at Tsinghua university offers the following accredited programs in architecture

  • Master in Landscape Architecture
  • Master in Architecture
  • Master in Engineering in Building Environment and Energy
  • Master in Engineering in Building and Civil Engineering
  • Master in Urban and Rural Planning
  • Doctor in Engineering in Landscape Architecture
  • Doctor in Engineering in Architec-ture
  • Doctor in Engineering in Urban and Rural Planning
  • Doctor in Engineering in Civil Engineering.

10.) Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy-

Italy is home to various forms of architectural designs and constructions. The best architectural designs in the world are found in Italian museums, palaces, churches, villas and many other places. It no wonder why the Polytechnic University of Milan is renowned for its quality of education and excellence in architecture. Architecture is one amongst 40 English taught programs. In addition, the university offers numerous merit-based scholarships to attract international students. The undergraduate architectural program runs for 3 years while masters and PhD programs is studied for 2 years and 3 years respectively. There is a high employability rate of architectural graduates from this university in Italy and the rest of the world.

The polytechnic university of Milan offers the following architectural programs:

  • Bachelor of Architecture program
  • MSc in Building Architecture
  • MSc sustainable architecture and landscape design
  • MSc architecture- Built environment interiors
  • MSc/PhD Architectural and urban design
  • MSc architectural design and history
  • MSc Urban planning and policy design
  • MSc management of built environment
  • MSc building and architectural engineering
  • PhD program in urban planning, design and policy.
  • PhD program in preservation of architectural heritage
  • PhD in architectural built environment and construction engineering

Architecture gives students the opportunity to explore history, culture and artistic landmarks in beautiful countries. Students can expect to build soft skills and memorable experiences while studying at these universities.


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