Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2023 | Application Guide and Start Date

Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2023 | Application Portal | How to Apply | Application Form: Are you a young Nigerian and interested in joining the Nigerian Navy? Then you can apply for the Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2023 if you are qualified. The Nigerian Navy conducts its recruitments in batches and aims at recruiting young and vibrant Nigerians into the regular and non-regular courses.

All applications for the Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2023 are done through Navy official recruitment portal via www.joinnigeriannavy.com simply by filling the application form made available at the time application is open, and uploading necessary documents.

To help you through each application process, we have outline a general guideline you can follow to submit your application itch-free on the portal.

Guidelines for Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2023

The Nigerian Navy Recruitment Process commences with advertisements in the print and electronic media for awareness of the general public. Applicants would then begin their application process by filling online application forms. On completion of online registration by applicants, successful ones are invited for Recruitment Examinations. Thereafter, those who emerge successful at the Recruitment Examinations are invited for interview before final shortlisting of qualified candidates. You should go to the the official Nigerian Navy application portal (https://joinnigeriannavy.com/application-guidelines/for detailed guidelines for the 2023 recruitment process.

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Available Positions in the Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2023

A 1 – Marine Engineer Artificer (MEA)

A2 – Weapon Electrical Artificers (WEA)

A3 – Aircraft Engineering Artificers (Airframe Engine) Qualification

A4 – Aircraft Engineering Artificers (Avionics & Aircraft Electrics, Electrical / Electronics) (AEA-AA/EEE)

A5 – Shipwright Artificers (SHIPA)

B1 – Marine Engineer Mechanics (MEM)

B2 – Weapon Electrical Mechanics (WEM)

B3 – Automobile Mechanics (AM)

C1- Communications

C2 – Computer

C3 – ICT

D1 – Seaman

D2 – Survey Recorders

D3 – Sportsmen and Sportswomen

D4 – Physical Training Instructors

D5 – Chaplain Assistants

D6 – Mosque Assistants

D7 – Firemen

E1 – Writers

E2 – Store Assistants

E3 – Caterers

E4 – Ordnance

E5 – Project Technicians

F1 – Medical Assistants

F2 – Health Technicians

G – Bandsmen

H – Drivers/Mechanics

J – Journalists

K – Nurses

N – Education

To get the details on educational requirements for entry into each of the category of the Nigerian Navy recruitment 2022, go to https://joinnigeriannavy.com/application-guidelines/

General Requirements for Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2023

The general requirements for recruitment into the Nigerian Navy in 2022 are as follows;

  • Applicant must be a citizen of Nigeria by birth.
  • Applicants for entry categories A5, B1, B2, B3, C1, D1, D4, D5, D6, D7, E1, E2, E3, E4, F1 and G require School Certificate and must be between the ages of 18 – 22 years by 30 June 2022. For entry categories requiring NCE, OND, Diploma, Registered Nurse/Midwife qualifications, such as categories A1, A2, A3, A4, C2, C3, D2, E5, F2, J, K and N as well as categories D3 (Sportsmen and Sportswomen) and H (Drivers/Mechanics), applicants must be between ages of 18 – 26 years by 30 June 2022. See the Educational Requirements for Entry into Each Category.
  • Applicants must not be married or have children.
  • Applicants must be free from any previous criminal conviction by a court of law.
  • Applicants with any of the following medical/physical challenges are NOT to apply: sight problem, ear problem, communicable diseases, mental problems, stammering, or any physical disability. Applicants who have tattoos are also not to apply.
  • Applicants must not be below the height of 1.69 meters for males and 1.650 meters for females.
  • Applicants are required to possess any of the following educational/professional qualifications:
    • a. West African Senior School Certificate Examination Certificate (not more than 2 sittings and not older than 6 years from the date of application, also applicable to sub paragraphs b – e).
    • b. General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level.
    • c. National Examination Council (NECO).
    • d. National Business and Technical Examinations (NABTEB).
    • e. WAEC City and Guilds or London City and Guild.
    • f. Ordinary National Diploma (OND).
    • g. Any other educational qualification equivalent to those mentioned above.
    • h. Applicants would be required to produce their primary school leaving certificate at the selection interview.
  • All applicants must indicate/provide their National Identification Number (NIN) and Bank Verification Number (BVN).

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How to Apply for Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2023

The 2023 Navy application is done online at the official Nigerian Navy application portal . Eligible candidates should go to www.joinnigeriannavy.com to fill the application form. It is important that you read the full application guidelines before you begin application.

After filling the application form, make sure to click ‘SUBMIT’ on the portal and generate the applicant’s Transaction ID. Applicants are strongly advised to print out a copy of the ‘Application Summary’.

NOTE: the entire enlistment process of the Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2022 is free of charge, candidates should refrain from giving money to any individual under any guise.

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Nigerian Navy Salary Structure (2021 Rate)

The Nigerian Navy has about six (6) ranks in its commissioned cadre with the highest rank being ‘Admiral’. Below is the per-annum salary structure for commissioned offers of the Nigerian Navy (source: nigerianinfopedia.com.ng).

  • Admiral – 16,303,140
  • Vice-Admiral – 13,363,229
  • Rear Admiral – 12,038,945
  • Commodore – 7,385,856
  • Captain – 3,715,859
  • Commander – 3,380,086

It is important that you know about the Nigerian Navy Salary Structure before you apply to be enlisted in the force. By comparison, other military bodies in the country will be running with similar packages and allowances.

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  1. please sir,
    can I edit my application form after submition, I did a mistake in the primary sch certificate and sponsor name session.
    Need urgent reply sir

    • When I registered for bank account I made some mistake on it, the name on my neco is difference between the name of my bank account, can I use it to apply for Nigeria navy or not pls admi help me out sir

  2. Please admin I want to know if I am among the shortlisted candidates for the Nigeria Navy shortlisted candidates my name is Jordan elechi. Thanks.

  3. Please sir , I already filled the form, I have all the required documents, my problem is the signatures I already have , parents gadian signed, the DPO signed, the chairman signed, but I don’t have the signed of chief superintendent of police or assistant director at either federal or state civil service . So all this are apart of guarantors form . Sir this is my problem , can I go without this signature. Please sir help me

  4. Sir please can I edit my application form after submition, I did a mistake in department session.
    Need urgent reply sir.


  5. I want to join or complementary the Nigeria navy because I love the job and I want to protect my nation
    With my waec and neco result to join the team sir

  6. Plase I want to appy but the application dialogue is locked, and i have been googling but still no response. so plase can i know what is going on.

  7. The recruitment of this year is actually taking time because the test is likely to be conducted every September. I don’t know why the one of this year is taking too much time.

  8. i also do want to apply with my HND certificates but do i need to have a specific grade or just my HND result qualifies me ?
    and is it compulsory i have my NYSC certificates as well?????

  9. It seems you guys don’t release batches for does in IMO state here… Am Lemuel Chiagorom , HND certificate holder Of The federal polytechnic nekede imostate .

  10. So admins is it that you can’t give , a specific Date , Month this form comes out . .

    You mean we should just keep checking each day till when pls .. Cause your keep checking sounds like a continuous process .. pls sir can you be more specific in your time of waiting pls.

    • Daniel, funny you! but you just have to keep checking cos we only get information when the Nigerian Navy announces such

  11. Hey Good day. Pls can I use my ijmb results to join the navy.Although I am about to use to enter into 200level in the university. Thanks.

      • Sir when I was filling the form, d place were they said number of children I fill no children (0) but when I submitted d form it showed me 1 children, so what is d solution? Sir

      • It’s for you to give birth soon so you can show them…lol, I guess that shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Before you are enrolled you will still have forms to fill so you can then provide the right information


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