Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) Shortlist, Training Start Dates, Centres

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If you have applied for the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund and you are wondering if you have been shortlisted for the program, then this post is for you. Details of NYIF shortlist 2021, training dates and training centres are given in this page, together with information on the NYIF training centers.

The Nigerian Federal Government has launched the Youth Investment Fund with the aim of providing soft business loans to about 500,000 youth annually between 2020 and 2023. Each fund approval will range N250,000 to N30, 000,000, depending on whether the beneficiary is a business or an individual, working capital loans set at 1 year and term loans set at 3 years with a single-digit interest rate of 5%

NYIF Shortlist, Training Start Dates, Training Centres | Details

Now let’s proceed to see the processes to know if you have been shortlisted, the training centres and possible training dates for the Nigerian youth investment fund

Shortlisted Candidates for the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF)

If your application for the youth investment fund was correctly submitted, then you don’t have to worry as the NYIF Shortlist will be in batches. If you are looking for NYIF shortlisted candidates and you do not want to miss your chance of participating in the program, do the following;

  • Check your email (all inbox including spam folder) regularly
  • Keep checking this page (studygreen.info) as we’ll keep you updated on the NYIF shortlist 2021 progress
  • Check regularly also, the official NYIF website (nyif.nmfb.com.ng), for important updates on the program.
  • Note: You may also receive an SMS invitation (it’s important to screen the SMS for scam).

How to Check if You Have been Shortlisted for NYIF

Checking if you have been shortlisted for the Nigerian youth investment fund is simple, visit the Nigerian youth investment fund website for news on short-listing of candidates and then proceed to check your email.

  • Proceed to your email platform Google, Yahoomail, Others
  • Login to your email account on your PC/Mobile device (must be email address you used in registering for NYIF.
  • Check for a message named EDC in your email folders.
  • If you find the ‘EDC’ message subject, click to see the message from NYIF.
  • If check all folders and find no message from NYIF, then wait for it.


Not Applied Yet?, Check: How to Apply for Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (for Individuals and Businesses)

Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) Training Centres

At the point of applying for the NYIF program, applicants were asked to choose their preferred NYIF training centres expected to hold at the National Youth Development Centre. Specific training centres across the six (6) geopolitical zones are as follows;

  • North East: Biu – Bi Road, Gombe and Borno States
  • North West: Takai – Sumaila, Kano State
  • North Central: Lamingo, Jos – Plateau State
  • South East: Mbakwu, Awka North, Anambra State
  • South West: Ode-Omu, Osun State
  • South South: Ikom – Obudura, Cross River State

Bear in mind that you will be posted to any of the training centres above, based on your state of residence.

NYIF Training Start Dates

NYIF training will be in batches just as the shortlisting is in batches. It will comprise a 5-day training session to coach you on your chosen business. Specific start date for your training will be communicated on your training invitation message.

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Having let out the tips above, be rest assured you can also get access to the NYIF shortlisted names right on this page as the batches rolls out.

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  1. I have verified my email and I was asked to provide my local government identification which I had completed and also to provide type of business and describe my business which I have also completed now it is showing me a page for days now
    Loan status in process
    Approved loan amount, NGN 0.00
    Loan tenor, 0
    And so on
    Please what will I do next

  2. I saw msg that have been pre qualify 4 nyif loan, which i validate my bvn and received my confirmation
    link on my email nd successful av applied insort but wht i don’t understand is location 4 training centre
    I don’t got de msg clear bro pls help me out

    • I received message on 11th February that l am pre-qualified for the nyif loan so I click on the link given to me and created my password and I received a message in my email address that email already registered so I want to know the batch I belong to and next thing to do

  3. Good morning, I was sent a message that I have been prequalified for loan, I was asked to validate my bvn which I did, after which I set up a password and submitted. I was told to go verify my email that a link has been sent to me, this is 2 days now I’ve not received the link.

  4. Pls sir I have issues when trying to get to next page after putting business details in my portal and it’s showing error.what can I do

  5. Good morning admin, i retrieved the link I registered with, is there a way I can know if a message was sent before I retrieved the link?

  6. Pls!,d issue am having is that I lost my line I use register so hope it won’t curse an issue right pls put me true Mr admin

    • We strongly advise that you verify the information at the NYIF official site. If we get the right information we’ll post it on this page

    • The link is genuine meanwhile, the site seems overloaded. The website goes on and down. What I could deduce is that the website bandwidth has been stretched to its maximum.

      1. I have been able to do mine
      2. I didn’t receive any email. I guess that config has been deactivated.

      My take:
      1. try accessing the link in the dead of the night with good network. .
      2. Use a better browser like Firefox.
      3. No email is being sent. For now, don’t expect one.
      4. When you are done, try accessing the website again. You should be directed to a landing page. There you will see Apply for a lone, Login, Register.
      5. Click login or Apply for a lone
      6. input your email and password.
      7. You should then be directed to the D-page. This is where you will have the opportunity to fill in your business details and bla bla bla

      With this, you should be fine. I guess 😊


        Salu: to you @Outshine and Admin…. You guys are amazing!!!

        This is frankly ONE of the BEST true, reliable and responsive information-solution/help sites I’ve ever found …****comment too long***

        Thanks so much and God bless you all.

      • Thanks EmmaSam, I believe Outshine will hear you too. We will soon create a user review section for your kind of message

      • A message was sent to me on my phone number telling me I was pre selected and I check my email, Dere is nothing of such message atall, how do I go about dis, hope dis you we not from scammers

      • Tosin, the right message will only tell you how to go about your training and will not ask for banking details or financial obligations. Please be guided

  7. i have done the online but i haven’t receive any message concerning the training, Please what’s happenning?
    Thanks for your consideration.

      • Goodmorning sir, i went through the NYIF portal i then clicked on “loan application” and filled in my BVN, so, it’s then displayed my profile and i was asked to create a password, i then do that. So what i want you to clear me down is that, they asked me to create an account. I then clicked on “Create account” ,then it shows me that a message has been sent to my e-mail, i should cgo to my e-mail to comfirm. I logged in my e-mail but i couldn’t found any message concerning this issue. Please help me out,

        Thank you for your considerations.

  8. Good day!
    I have submitted while I made a mistake in my email I write .com at front of my email during register I just write email name without this .com,what is the solution?

      • I’m among the people that have received the text message to complete my registration by clicking on a Link, however, I noticed there was a mistake with the email address I provided during the first registration, and mistake was that there was an additional o in the spelling of yahoo I.e instead of yahoo, I wrote yahooo, could this be why I have not been able to receive their mail?

    • I got an SMS in my phone inviting me for the online training but later the message disappeared. Later on I got another sms Nmfb telling me am pre-qualified and I should follow a link which I did and verified my bvn. I am done with the registration which includes submitting my indigene form , my business type and so on. Please is it possible for me to get an SMS for the training?


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