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Canadian Visa Application Guide | Apply Now

Canadian Visa Application Enrolment | Canadian Visa Lottery  | How to Apply | Apply Now

The Canadian visa application is again ongoing. We, in any case, need to begin this post by telling you that Canadian visa lottery as some online stages would put it doesn’t generally exist. Rather, those looking to move to Canada are regularly prompted on the correct course to apply for and get Canadian visa on a genuine and authorised platform. Such platforms would be revealed in this post .

Canadian Visa Lottery Application 2019, as reality might be told, has a significant level of chances for success if you believe in yourself or a competitor do see Him/Herself making it. It doesn’t have any kind of effect whether you are intend for a study, work, visit, etc you should simply follow simple steps as required to apply for this Canadian Visa.

Various Africans have been hunting down chance to relocate and live in Canada as their fantasy goal. Luckily, that vision has turn a reality today as this year Canadian Visa Application Form is made available to as many who are interested. Assurance to apply for Canadian Visa to move to Canada where life will be brilliant and incredible.

For as many individuals who would be interested, the first and critical thing would be for you to understand the distinctive visa types that are ordinarily issued by the Canadian government, by this your application will be guided to progress. These visa types include, however, not restricted to;

  • Canadian Students-type  visa
  • Canadian Pilgrimage-type Visa
  • Canadian Skilled workers-type  Visa
  • Canadian Diplomat-type Visa
  • Canadian Transit-type Visa
  • Canadian Tourist-type Visa
  • Canadian Visitor-type Visa
  • Canadian Business-type Visa

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How to Apply For Canadian visa

To apply for Canadian visa, the official website for this is –canadavisa.com. You can use the link provided in this post to proceed to the site

The first step in this application is usually to check your eligibility. You can also use the check eligibility link  and then continue to choose evaluation form. We have provided a format of application form below.

First Name
Last Name
 Phone number
Work history
Spouse information
Age: 16-20
Submit Form: After following the format to fill the form, next would be to submit the form through the link provided. You may also need to download forms online to apply.

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  1. I really love to travel out of Nigeria to study…………… It my pleasure.

  2. Hi there I’m kindly interested please give me chance iwant to invite canada

  3. First of all i would like to thank you to for inform us such a golden chance please tell how to apply for register?

  4. I am ayelech eshetu i have keen interest in all my life to learn & work in canada pls, I hope u will give me the chance

  5. I am from Ethiopia. My interest is to study, live and work in a beautiful country Canada. My meeting address is +251968760172 .Using my educational and work experience I obtained in Ethiopia with different organizations I want certain that I will satisfy your country’s and companies there in order to achieve their goals and mission.

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    i want to wokke in canada hhaw to i get visa

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    I’m Zena Shewabere from Ethiopia. I’m very interested for this chance. I’ve bachelor degree in horticulture with CGPA 3.81. For my success I need your help well.

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      Form the bottom of my heart I wish to thank you for this great opportunity and information given to us the public. I am from Nigeria, I want do my master program and PhD in Canada, how can I go about it?

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    thanks so much . i am waiting best results

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    thanks so much for this opportunity.

  13. I’m a reliable, honest, self motivated and happy person, who will act as an role model for others if accepted.
    I will quickly my role as an accountant, I will also adapt quickly to the Canadian system as soon as possible so that I can become a professional and self motivated member of that wonderful country.

  14. I really love to travel out out of Ghana to study……. It my pleasure.

  15. I want Canada free job visa

  16. i am graduate in electrical and computer engineering from wollo university

  17. I Willing and very interested to study, live and work in canada.

  18. I am a graduate student from Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science & Technology, longing for MBA Scholarships to study outside my country. I want to development this career as my favorite field of study. And I cited one of John C. Maxwell says about successful lifestyle, which said, “Success Does not Come to your door, but it needs you to go for it”. This means that successful people keep moving and learning for new business potentials around the globe, I won’t wait to apply for this appreciative chances.

  19. Can I Apply to Immgration at canada job visa

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