Canadian Government Permanent Residency Program 2023-24

Permanent residency is one’s legal resident status in a country where the person is not a citizen but have the right to reside in that country on a permanent basis. A Canadian permanent resident is someone who has been granted permanent resident status by immigrating to Canada.

Once an individual becomes a permanent resident of Canada, they are qualified to apply for a Canadian permanent resident card (PR card). This card shows a person’s PR status in Canada; the PR card can be used by permanent residents to travel in and out of the country. It is therefor important to understand the Canadian Government Permanent Residency Program.

There are several reasons why people move from one country to another including work, studies, tourism, business etc. There are several routes available for interested immigrants to move to Canada such as the Express Entry, Family Sponsorship, Provincial nomination, Quebec-selected skilled workers, Atlantic Immigration Program as well as the temporary resident to permanent resident pathway.

The temporary resident to permanent resident pathway is a limited-time pathway to permanent residence. It is for certain temporary residents who are currently working in Canada and their families. You may be eligible for permanent residence if you have work experience in Canada in an essential occupation or the health or health services field OR you recently graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution.

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For instance, Express Entry is an online system that is used to manage immigration applications from skilled workers. There are 3 immigration programs managed through Express Entry:

  1. Canadian Experience Class: For skilled workers who have Canadian work experience and the work experience must have been gained in the 3 years before they apply.
  2. Federal Skilled Worker Program: For skilled workers with foreign work experience who must meet the criteria for education and other factors.
  3. Federal Skilled Trades Program: For skilled workers who are qualified in a skilled trade and must have a valid job offer or a certificate of qualification.

Apply for Permanent Residence: Express Entry

Before applying for the Canadian Government Permanent Residency Program through the Express Entry pathway, be sure that you have received an invitation to apply. Once you have your invitation to apply, the invitation will be valid for 60 days only. The following steps are required to apply for permanent residency program:

  1. Fill out the online form: It is important that you begin to fill out the online form right away so that you can get all the information and documents you need before your application expires.
  2. Scan and upload your documents: It is important that you prepare and have all the necessary documents handy before you begin the application process. You are required to submit all of the required documents. The system automatically provides you with a personalized document checklist once you’ve completed all of the fields in the online form. Also note, that if one of your documents is in a language other than English or French, you must also upload an English or French translation that is stamped by a certified translator. Once your documents are ready, make electronic copies using a scanner or camera using one of the approved formats.
  3. Pay application fees: One you have completed all sections of the online form and upload your documents, you will be showed a list of fees to pay such as processing fee, right of permanent residence fee, biometrics fee. Refunds of certain fees are given in the case of incomplete application.
  4. Submit your complete application: Before you proceed to submit your application, ensure that you fill out all mandatory fields on the form, pay the required fees, include clear scans of all documents listed in your checklist. Note that the application system will not allow you to submit the application unless you fill all the mandatory fields in the form and include all the required documents.
  5. After Application Service: The system automatically ensures that you have completely and correctly filled out your permanent residence application, met all requirements, include all required documents and paid your processing fees. You’ll be contacted through your online account to pass on further information about your application as the need arises.

After submitting your application, you can check the status of your application in your account where you will be able to view the overall status of your application.

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Benefits of Canadian Government Permanent Residency Program

There are benefits that accrue to individuals who have been granted the Canadian permanent residency Program. The benefits include:

  • Live and Work anywhere in Canada
  • Access to universal healthcare and social services.
  • Family sponsorship
  • Free education for children
  • Can transition to Canadian citizenship
  • Protected rights

Tips on How to Apply for Permanent Residency in Canada

If you’re applying for permanent resident program by the using the Express Entry system, the most important thing to do is to improve your CRS score as much as you can. The following are ways that can assist you in improving your CRS score.

1. Attempt to obtain further job experience in your profession

Being employed as a professional and having different professional experiences will increase your chances of being enrolled for the Permanent residency Program. This can add to and boost your skills’ transferability points. If you already have a Temporary Work Permit in Canada, you might think about working a little longer. More points can be added to your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score if you have five or more years of formal work experience.

2. Make use of the available Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The highest possible CRS score is 1,200. So simply obtaining a PNP nomination will get you halfway there!

3. Acquire additional educational qualification

You can get two sets of benefits if you achieve another qualification, despite the fact that it takes time. You will not only be able to earn more human capital points, but you will also be able to earn more skill transferability points.

4. Apply for Job offers in Canada before applying for a PR visa

Being offered a job in Canada has enormous benefits such as providing support and stability while in Canada. It also allows you to earn more CRS points. Learn how to get a job in Canada. To receive extra CRS points, the work must be either continuous full-time work, paid employment, the job offer must be for at least two years or the employer’s offer must be in writing.

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