USAID/Nigeria Covid-19 Food Security Challenge 2021 (Up to $150,000 Grant per Awardee)

Applications are now invited from youth-led companies and mid-stage companies across Nigeria for the USAID/Nigeria Covid-19 Food Security Challenge 2021. This is in a bid to counter the food security crisis already compounded by the COVID-19 global pandemic and its effects on the food value chain in the country.

As part of the Feed the Future initiative, USAID/Nigeria is seeking to partner with youth-led companies (up to age 29) and mid-stage companies (with an existing customer base of more than 1,000 people) that are already working in food production, processing, and/or distribution.

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USAID/Nigeria Covid-19 Food Security Challenge 2021 | About the Challenge

The Challenge aims to:

  • Increase food and agriculture system productivity and enhance efficient production along the value chains in order to unlock agricultural production that has been limited by COVID-19’s impact on food production, processing, and distribution in Nigeria.
  • Increase income for Base of the Pyramid (BoP) women and men in both rural and urban areas.
  • Provide youth-led and mid-stage companies the technical assistance and capital they need to sustainably scale solutions to meet the requirements of the Challenge.
  • Promote climate and environmental resilience as well as biodiversity through the sustainable, holistic management of natural resources and ecosystems.
  • Develop and promote innovative and local food-based models, including the local production, processing, and marketing of highly nutritious foods to prevent and/or treat wasting/acute malnutrition.
  • Promote socially responsible marketing/advertising to increase demand for safe, nutritious foods and other nutrition-related commodities and services.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must meet the following requirements to participate in USAID/Nigeria Covid-19 Food Security Challenge 2021. All applications will undergo an initial eligibility screening to ensure they comply with the eligibility criteria.

  • Organization Type: This Challenge is only open to registered for-profit companies who have a local presence in Nigeria (see more details on local presence below). We encourage applications from micro, small, and medium enterprises that have not previously worked with USAID.
  • Size: The Challenge is open to all relevant companies regardless of size.
  • Local Presence: All applicants must be registered and authorized by the national government in Nigeria or have at least one registered Nigerian local partner. This local partner could be a commercial partner, joint venture partner, or candidate for a merger or acquisition. If working with a registered Nigerian partner, the local partner should have a tangible stake in the innovation and its development rather than, for example, a local merchandiser who stocks the product.
  • Company Maturity: All applicants must have a sustainable and financially viable business model for their innovation in the Nigerian food security value chain.
  • Additional Eligibility: Please refer to the official webpage (link below) for complete eligibility requirements

The Incentives

  • For youth-led: The Challenge anticipates making $1.25 million available for 15-25 awards of $25,000 to $75,000in funding and technical assistance for commercially viable, youth-led (up to age 29) companies to improve food production and/or food security.
  • For mid-stage: The Challenge also anticipates making $1.75 million available for 10-15 awards of $75,000 to $150,000in funding and technical assistance for mid-stage enterprises (with an existing customer base of more than 1,000 people) that can rapidly expand their activities to improve food production and/or food security.

How to Apply

Visit the Official Website for Further Details


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  1. I am a farmer l am in to live stock like fisher farming and poultry farming l lost part of my bird’s and fish’s during covid 19 because of no market and money for feeding l have 5 staffs that work in the farm please need this grant so that I can stock the farm again and be able to keep the staffs and my family too . Thanks l will be happy if my application will be coincided.


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