UK Seasonal Worker Visa Program 2024

Still thinking of Japa? Then here is an opportunity to move to the United Kingdom through the UK Seasonal Worker Visa Program 2024.The Government of the United Kingdom Government has further extended the seasonal work visa program by 5 years, till 2029.

According to Leadership.ng, there are currently about 45,000 seasonal work visa opportunities available to foreign workers with little or no skill at all in the horticultural and poultry sector, the implication here is that about 45,000 immigrants can fulfil their dream of moving to the UK taking advantage of these fully-sponsored work visa opportunities.

UK Seasonal Worker Visa Program 2024 | What you Should Know

Before taking the steps to apply to be given the opportunity for being a seasonal worker in the UK in 2024, here is a few things you should know about the Seasonal Worker Visa Program.

  • The program is only open to those who are not in the UK, but are willing to move to the UK.
  • It is open to immigrants who are applying to work as a horticulturist for up to 6 months.
  • Job task would involve picking fruit and vegetables or flowers, or a poultry job.
  • Applicants can apply for Horticulture Seasonal Work visas at any time of the year.
  • Additionally, immigrants can do a poultry job from the 2nd of October to the 31st of December.

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UK Seasonal Worker Visa 2024 | Who Can Apply?

To be eligible to apply for and be granted a seasonal work visa to the UK, the applicant must:
• Be an adult of 18 years of age and above.
• Apply and be given a certificate of sponsorship with a reference number from a UK employer.
• Have proof of at least £1,270 to support yourself in the absent of a sponsor.
• Have applied and secured a Horticulture or Poultry job with a UK employer.

How to Apply

Interested and eligible persons can follow the below steps to apply for a seasonal work visa:

  • Fill out the application form on the UK Government’s Visas and immigration website [gov.uk/seasonal-worker-visa/apply].
  • Upload your photographed and scanned documents on the online portal (See required documents below).
  • Pay the sum of £259 as a visa fee upon completion of your application.
  • Book an appointment with a visa application center.

Required Documents

The following documents will be required during your application for a seasonal visa:

  • A Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) serial number which is given to you by your sponsor.
  • A statement from a bank showing that you have enough funds to sustain yourself unless your sponsor is providing for that.
  • A valid international Passport with a blank space for your visa and any other document that proves your nationality.
  • A certified translation of any document that is not written in English or Welsh.

Additional Steps and What to Expect After Applying for A UK Seasonal Worker Visa

  • You can apply for a seasonal work visa for up to 3 months before the day you are due to start work in the UK.
  • Getting a decision from the UK government may take longer depending on your situation.
  • The Seasonal worker Visa is valid for six months.
  • You can enter the UK up to 2 weeks before the start date of your job.

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