Top Scholarships to Study in Croatia without IELTS 2024

Croatia is one of the European countries known for its high-quality education system and can provide international students with a world-class degree while enjoying the comfort that comes from studying in the country at a lower rate.

There are Top Scholarships to Study in Croatia without IELTS available for international students. Croatia has become an increasingly popular study destination among international students due to the several benefits available for the students.

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Why Study in Croatia?

There are several reasons to study in Croatia as an international student apart from the country’s diverse cultural heritage and beautiful cities. The following are some of the many things that make Croatia one of the most preferred study destinations in 2024:

  • Over 50 English-taught programmes.
  • Over 250 professional courses.
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Large English-speaking population
  • Opportunity to be employed while studying
  • Ease of access to jobs in Croatia and other EU countries after graduation.

List of Scholarships to Study in Croatia without IELTS

There are several scholarships for international students to take advantage of if they wish to enroll in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Croatia. Here are some of the scholarships available in Croatia which may either be Partial Scholarships or Fully Funded Scholarships.

1# Bilateral Education Scholarships

The Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes and the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia offer Bilateral Scholarships for study or research to international students and teachers of higher institutions as well as research fellows who intend to study or carry out research in Croatian institutions.

The Scholarships in Croatia are on offer to higher education students and university staff conducting research or teaching activities. The awarded mobilities should be implemented during the academic year 2023/2024 (from October 1, 2023 to September 30, 2024, July and August excluded).

2# Erasmus+ Scholarship Programme

The Erasmus+ programme is a European Agency funded programmes that offers university students the opportunity to study, do research or internship abroad. The programme comprises both the student mobility and academic staff mobility.

The Erasmus+ scholarship aims at supporting projects of mobility in higher education. Most of the outgoing and incoming mobilities in Croatia are funded through the Erasmus+ Programme. Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes conducts the Programme in Croatia.

The Erasmus+ programme does not request student to submit IELTS test scores.

3# CEEPUS Scholarship Programmes

CEEPUS is a multilateral University exchange program that ensures that students and teachers from eligible partner institutions are granted mobility grants for their studies and research.

The main activity at CEEPUS is student and teacher exchange within thematic CEEPUS-networks of eligible universities. Each academic year there is a call for network applications and this application does not request for IELTS scores.

4# Croatian Government Scholarships

The Republic of Croatia Scholarships offer fully funded opportunities for studies or research in accredited higher education institutions (HEIs) or research institutes in Croatia for foreign students, teachers, and researchers.

The scholarship supports international students who are undertaking undergraduate, masters and PhD studies.

5# Zagreb School of Economics and Management Scholarships

This is the best business institution in the Republic of Croatia offering international scholarships to students interested to enroll in a bachelor’s program and a few scholarships to MBA candidates.

This Croatian scholarship are only open to international students from the USA, New Zealand, South America, Canada, Pakistan, Bangladesh, African countries, and Australia.


How to Apply for Croatian Scholarships without IELTS

As an international student, when applying for Scholarships without IELTS many will ask that you present some proof of English language proficiency. It is important to note that there is a way to get a waiver for English language requirement, especially for the students who have previously studied an all-English-taught course (of up to three years).

Also note that students who are natives of English-speaking countries are exempted from the English language requirement. Students in this category will need to clearly state on their application.

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