Most Affordable Countries to Study Abroad for International Students

It is important to consider finances while making study abroad plans. International students tend to choose the least expensive nations in which to further their studies. There are so many nations that provide courses at reasonable tuition costs. We will go over every detail of the most affordable countries for international students to study in this post.

Finding a reputable university and a stunning nation to study abroad are the goals of every student, but money and budget are also top priorities. These are the finest study abroad locations if you are a student with a limited budget and wish to live in an affordable country.
These are the most economical locations for students to study abroad. These universities may all be found on Global Admissions, and you can apply to any of them.


Though not as well-known, Kyrgyzstan, a country in Central Asia, offers students affordable living and high-quality education. There are public colleges in the country that charge tuition rates ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 soms (US$100 to US$200) for overseas students, making it the third-cheapest country in Asia with some of the lowest tuition outside. See Universities in Kyrgyzstan.

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Malaysia offers study abroad possibilities to international students and is the fourth most affordable country in Asia. It is also a diversified country. The average annual tuition for foreign students attending Malaysia is MYR 7,000–12,000 (USD 1500–2700).

Singapore and London are 60–70% more expensive than Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. If you decide to study in Malaysia, you might enjoy a very low cost of living and save money. See Universities in Malaysia.


Hungary has lower prices than the majority of Eastern European nations. Hungary is a popular choice for students who like to study in Europe with the prestige of being a part of it but do not want to pay exorbitant costs because of its great location for seeing the continent, distinct history and culture, and mouth-watering cuisine.

Hungary’s annual tuition fees are often only 2000–5000 euros. It is at least thirty percent less expensive than Athens, Prague, Madrid, Zurich, and other European cities. Hungary could be the most affordable place to live and study in the EU, which might have a positive impact on your academic career and life in general. See Universities in Hungary.


Poland, a nation in Eastern Europe, is undoubtedly among the least expensive places in the continent to live and study. Without rent, a month’s worth of living expenses in Poland are only $400–600 USD. The country has historically been at the meeting point of the east and the west and has been significant to European history.

Polish degrees are recognised worldwide because Polish universities adhere to international standards in their educational programmes. Polish institutions only charge annual tuition fees of between 1000–4000 euros. See Universities in Poland.

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Kenya is a really special and exciting country to study abroad. In Kenya, as an international student, you will have the opportunity to experience the dynamic East African culture directly. Additionally, you’ll learn about Kenya’s remarkable growth and its significance as a regional leader. You’ll have a whole new perspective on your studies and future profession-plus, it’s a really reasonably priced area to live and study.

Living expenses in Kenya range from $400 to $600 USD per month, although annual tuition at universities may only total $5000-$5000 USD. Here, international students may get unique, constantly-improving degrees while also taking advantage of Kenyan life’s perks. See Universities in Kenya. 


For a variety of reasons, including the fact that Brazilian public universities offer free tuition to foreign students, Brazil is among the most affordable places for students to study. Many students dream of having zero tuition in addition to a low cost of living, the ability to experience Brazil’s vibrant culture and beaches, and the opportunity to learn Portuguese. In Brazil, it is possible to accomplish these objectives.

Additionally, you can witness some of the most well-known football (futbol) players and teams in the world score goals on the pitch. Brazil is renowned for being a football fan’s dream country. See Universities in Brazil.


Situated south of the United States, Mexico is renowned for its mouth-watering cuisine, depth of historical background, and vibrant culture, characterised by vivid colours and loud music. International students will also find Mexico to be a very reasonable country to study in, with relatively low living expenses and convenient city transportation options including walking, bicycling, and taxis. Mexico offers among of the lowest tuition prices in the world for international students, ranging from $300 to $1100 USD per year.

Latin America’s and the Spanish-speaking world’s best universities are located in Mexico. Spanish, one of the languages spoken by the majority of people worldwide, will also be a skill you will graduate with. See Universities in Mexico.

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South Africa

South Africa is one of the most popular study abroad destinations in the world because it provides unparalleled chances to study in English at prestigious colleges set within the breath-taking southern African landscape. International students only need to pay $2,500 to $4,000 USD a year for university tuition in South Africa. This is incredibly low when measured to other wealthy nations such as Australia or Canada.

Not too expensive is the monthly cost of living either. The typical monthly expenses in Johannesburg, excluding rent, are about $500–600 USD. See Universities in South Africa. 


Numerous factors make Portugal an excellent place to live, including its stunning cities, hospitable people, gorgeous weather near the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, and convenient access to other parts of Europe. Yet it also provides very cheap living expenses and reasonably priced tuition for students.

Around 600–800 euros a month is the typical cost of living in Portugal. For undergraduate programmes, the average annual tuition cost is between 550 and 1,050 euros, whereas for graduate programmes, it may go up to 3000 euros. See Universities in Portugal.

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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia can be the ideal location for those who wish to study Arabic and get experience living and working in a significant Middle Eastern nation that blends value and affordability. Universities are becoming more well-known and rising in the rankings in Saudi Arabia. International graduates may also choose to remain and work after graduation, which may provide them the chance to launch a successful international career. Saudi Arabia is a major economic force in the area, and its cities boast extremely high living standards.

For one individual living alone without rent, the average monthly cost of living in Saudi Arabia is about $500 USD. For bachelor’s programmes, the average tuition is around $6000 USD. Students who wish to continue their education in Saudi Arabia can apply for scholarships. See Universities in Saudi Arabia.

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