Sheffield University Scholarship for International Students 2018/2019

Sheffield University Scholarship for International Students: Sheffield University has opened application for a completely financed worldwide student grants for the 2018/2019 session. The University of Sheffield is outstanding amongst other Universities on the planet. Through crafted by our understudies, staff and our tasks we have any kind of effect locally and all around. We are a city college for the 21st century, educating the public value of civic responsibility. We energize social enterprise. Also, we offer help for the individuals who are ready to make impact in the society wide.

The University of Sheffield have confidence in compensating global candidates who indicate extraordinary scholarly accomplishment and potential. On the off chance that you can Change the world emphatically University of Sheffield will enable you To accomplish your fantasy. A Merit Undergraduate Scholarship is worth 100% of the yearly undergraduate educational cost expense.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant must commence your studies at the University of Sheffield in September 2018.
  • The scholarship can be awarded in-conjunction with automatic awards** from the University of Sheffield, as long as you do not become fully sponsored for tuition fee purposes and all other eligibility and award criteria are met.
  • If you are selected for a merit scholarship, subject to the eligibility and award criteria you will be guaranteed the award in your first year of study. The scholarship is available in each of the follow academic years of your course subject to scoring 60%, or above, and achieving a minimum of 120 credits in the previous academic year. The merit scholarship is not applicable during any years in industry or any compulsory or non-compulsory years abroad as part of your degree. This applies to all undergraduate programmes except Medicine and Dentistry. Students of Medicine or Dentistry will only receive the scholarship for the non-clinical years (Medicine years 1 & 2 and Dentistry year 1).
  • If you are selected for a merit scholarship and you fail to meet the conditions of your course offer you will no longer be eligible to receive the award.
  • The merit scholarship can be provided for a maximum number of 4 academic years. This does not include years in industry or years abroad.
  • The scholarship will be applied as a tuition fee discount only.
  • The decision of the scholarship panel is final. No scholarship applications or decision appeals will be considered.
  • All decisions made by the University are made in good faith, if a scholarship is awarded on the basis of predicted grades and you do not achieve your predicted grades but you are permitted to join the University, the University reserves the right to remove the scholarship.
  • If you are selected for a merit scholarship and you subsequently join the University via clearing you will no longer be eligible to receive the award.

Eligibility Countries:

A permanently residency, in one of the following regions/countries listed below, is one of the be eligibility for the scholarships, applicants must be a national of one of the following:

  1. East and South Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania, Mauritius
  2. Middle East and North Africa: Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco
  3. South East Asia: Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
  4. Other Countries: Nigeria, Japan, Norway, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Taiwan, Turkey.

Important Note:

  1. You must receive an offer to study a full-time or part-time undergraduate degree or foundation degree program at the University of Sheffield before  July 28, 2018.
  2. Your degree/foundation programme must be scheduled to commence at the University of Sheffield in September 2018.
  3. You must receive an offer for a course studied in full at the University of Sheffield. Degree programmes split between the University of Sheffield and a partner institution are not eligible to apply for a scholarship.
  4. For tuition fee purposes you must be self-funded and eligible to pay the overseas tuition fee.
  5. You must not be a sponsored student*.
  6. You must have accepted the University of Sheffield as your firm choice before Friday 18 May 2018, if you have not chosen the University of Sheffield as your firm choice by this date your scholarship application will not be considered, regardless of whether you have received all your offers or not. If your status changes after this date from a scholarship ineligible status, such as insurance, to firm with the University of Sheffield your scholarship application will not be considered.
  7. You must enter a degree programme at the University of Sheffield in programme year 1. The scholarship is not applicable to any students joining a degree programme at the University of Sheffield after programme year 1.
  8. For scholarship purposes all March programmes are considered as postgraduate taught programmes and are not eligible for any undergraduate scholarships.
  9. The University of Sheffield reserves the right to remove scholarship funding without prior notification.

 Application process:

All application is done online. Candidates should proceed to the university website to complete their applications.

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  1. Hungry for education. Lacks funds totally. Am interested in this scholarship. To study a diploma in international relations and diplomacy


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