Quickest And Easiest Ways to Get Work Permit Abroad in 2024

Studying abroad and obtaining a degree is one of the dreams for every youth, especially those from the developing world. However, if you want to experience full benefit of studying abroad, having a part-time job could makes it even more interested as it avails you extra funds to finance your studies abroad. Here in we’ll explore the Quickest And Easiest Ways to Get Work Permit Abroad.

Part-time jobs while studying won’t only provide funds for you but also come with numerous other benefits including helping you to acquire professional skills, improve your language fluency and build human relationships.

Although many developed countries will allow you earn as you study, however, it is important to note that the rules differ from countries to countries. With this in mind, you can be guided while making a choice place to pursue your studies abroad as an international student.

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Why do you need a work permit?

A Work Permit also known as a ‘work visa’ is a government authorized document of a country given to a student (immigrants) who wish to study in the foreign country. unlike student visa, the work visa allows the student to stay back and work in the country for a set number of years, given that they satisfy certain predetermined conditions like having a job offer, being promised a salary above a certain amount, etc.

What processes are involved in obtaining a work permit?

Obtaining a work permit as an international student varies by your nationality and country of destination but however there are certain general procedures:

  • Firstly, you will need to secure a job offer and sponsorship: This is a very important step for international students, you must have sponsorship and a job offer firstly. In most countries only sponsorship is considered depending on your destination, you can actually contact the country’s embassy to know more information. In other ways, if you already have a job offer, your employer may be able to submit paperwork on your behalf.
  • Know which work visa to apply for: as international student you must understand that most countries offer more than one type of work visa depending on the nature of the job you want and the purpose behind working there.
  • Online applications: Nowadays, applications for work permits are conveniently done online, rather than going to embassy. Many visa services offer step by step applications, e-Visa expert support, and visas delivered right to your inbox.
  • Get all the required documents: check the government official website to know and find out which document are needed for this applications
  • Pay and submit your application: The information on the amount can be easily found on the official government websites. You need to however cross check to be sure it’s the official website of the agency before you start any monetary transactions.

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Easiest Countries to get Work Permit

Getting a work permit depends on your country of destination and also your nationality so we going to look at countries where it easy to get this work permit.

Below are the easiest countries to get working permit for international students who want to study abroad

  1. Australia: Australia is one of the best destination for international students and it work permit processes are stress free, work permit holders can work without limitations during university vacations, and also 40 hours per fortnight in term-time.
  2. United kingdom (UK) : European union students can work in UK without restrictions and sanction but non-European students with a tier 4 student visa can work up to 20 hours per week during term time, or full-time during university holidays.
  3. Canada : A work visa in Canada is very easy to get and Canada is one of the very best destinations for international students looking at the fact that Full-time students enrolled at a designated learning institution are eligible to work off-campus for up to 20 hours a week.
  4. France: France also allows international students work while studying. International students with France working permit can work to up 964 hours a year, which is roughly 18.5 hours per week.
  5. New Zealand: with a valid student’s visa in New Zealand international students are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week and unlimited during the holiday periods
  6. Germany: non-European student can work up to120 days or 240 half days annually. While European union students are permitted to work 20 hours a week.
  7. China: for you to work in china as an international student you need to obtain a student visa and also a valid permission from the Chinese immigration authorities
  8. Spain: provided you have a valid visa and work permit non-EU citizens can work up to 20 hours a week in Spain. EU, EEA, and Swiss students face no employment limitations.

Other countries may include:

  • USA
  • Netherland
  • Italy
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Czech Republic
  • Malaysia

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The above listed countries offers international students work permits but conditionally, but however there are some countries that don’t give work permit to international students. in this countries students are not allowed to work while they study.

Below are the countries:

  • Cyprus: specifically, in this country non-European union students are not granted working permit
  • India: international students are only allowed to take paid internships only
  • Fiji: international students are not allowed to work in Fiji
  • Costa Rica: to protect employment for it citizen’s international students are not allowed to work in costa Rica

What jobs are available for international students during study?

Working and studying at the same time could be a great way of earning some little income for international students however they are jobs being offered on campus for international student which may include being a bar staff, facilities assistant, security personnel to student ambassadors. Off camp jobs may include working in a bar, restaurant, car wash, club These roles often involve evening work, so they’re easy to fit around your daytime studies.

Other jobs may include newspaper supply, babysitting, office support, part time administration. also helping students to do assignment and project will make you good money and also make you good friends too, if you’re studying in a country that doesn’t speak your native language, taking on some language tutoring or translation work can prove lucrative too.

What you should know about Studying and Working as an International Student

  • Look for a job you enjoy: don’t just pick any job, pick a job you enjoy doing and won’t make your student experience a bad one
  • Don’t spend all your free time working: at least put some of your free time having fun, touring and exploring different places
  • Your studies should always come first: if you want to graduate with a top grades don’t let your work always interfere with your studies
  • Try considering a job related to your field of study: Putting what you’ve learned into practice will help boost your employability.
  • make sure you have a valid working permit: this is very important you must have the necessary documents in place to avoid trouble with the authorities in charge

Concluding Remarks:

Getting a work permit to work and study abroad as an international student shouldn’t be difficult for you. Also knowing what is needed and the right country to select for easy access to work permit should be stress free too if you have read carefully the above piece. If you have any question feel free to leave a comment.

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