National Identification Number: How to Retrieve, Link Your NIN on MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile [Updated]

The Nigerian National Identification Number (NIN) is a unique identification number issued by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). It is expected that every Nigerian is enrolled and issued the NIN for the purpose of all round identification. In recent times and maybe in the nearest future, this number is to be linked with every individual activities including banking transactions.

In this post we have outlined practical ways of retrieving and linking your National Identification Number (NIN) via the USSD code on the major network operators or through other online platforms.

Recall that the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) had earlier issued a two-week ultimatum to telecommunication operators to block all SIM cards that are not registered with the National Identity Numbers; although there was an intervention by the senate for a possible extension which expires soon.

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National Identification Number Registration

How to Retrieve, Link Your NIN on MTN, Airtel, Other Networks_NINFor those who are yet to enrol for the NIMC’s NIN, it is important to do so as to meet the set deadline. To get registered;

  • visit the online pre-enrolment portal for enrolment forms and guidelines or
  • You can download NIMC registration form through this link or
  • Walk directly into any NIMC’s enrolment centres nationwide
  • You can register through other licensed agents

Note: You need one registration to be issued both the NIMC card  and NIN. The 11-digit National Identification Number (NIN) is however not the same thing as the National e-ID Card which is a physical token. The NIN can be used on its own for digital identity verification without the e-ID card.

NIMC Enrolment Centres:

There are designated centres country-wide and in overseas locations where you can easily work in to register enrol for NIN. To find NIMC enrolment Centres near you, visit the NIMC webpage and click on your state or Diaspora location for a comprehensive list of centres across the location.

Requirements for NIN Registration:

To enrol as an adult, walk into the nearest NIMC Enrolment Centre with your BVN if you have one and any of the following required Original and Valid supporting documents:

  • Old National ID Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Voter’s card (Temporary or Permanent)
  • Nigerian International passport
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Attestation letter from a prominent ruler in your community
  • Birth certificate
  • Declaration of age
  • Attestation letter from religious/traditional leader
  • NHIS ID card
  • Government staff ID card
  • Registered/recognized private organization staff ID card
  • School ID Card (private/public)
  • Tax Clearance certificate
  • Valid immigration documents

NIN Registration Deadline [Updated]:

The  deadline for NIN registration and linkage to phone lines has been extended a number of times and the new date has been shifted to May 6, 2021 for all subscribers.

How to Retrieve NIN Number Using USSD

To find your NIN number, use the following simple steps;

  • Dial *346# on your phone
  • Enter ‘1’ to choose NIN Retrieval Option (if the phone number you are dialling from was used during your NIN registration).
  • Enter ‘2’ to choose NIN Search option (if you have lost your number; you will be required to input some of your registration details)
  • Once you have retrieved, congratulations

How to Link Your NIN Number on MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, Glo

You can link your national identification number on these network operators as follows;

Link NIN to MTN:

Mtn users can link their NIN to their line in any of these three ways

  • Online registration portal via https://mtnonline.com/nin
  • USSD code: Dial *785# or
  • Via myMTNApp, get it on Google Play or Apple Store
  • Complete the NIN linking form by entering your name, phone number, NIN, and email address.
  • Submit the form as soon as you’re done.
  • Wait for feedback from the network.


For Airtel users, to link NIN to your line;


  • dial *121*1# on your Airtel line to submit your NIN
    • Type 1 for “NIN Capture” and send.
    • Enter your 11-digit NIN and send.
    • Wait for the message confirming your submission.
    • If you get an error, just wait for some time and try again.

Link NIN to 9MOBILE:

To link NIN to your 9mobile line, simply;

  • Dial the USSD code *200*8# and follow the prompts to submit your details;


  • Visit 9mobile.com.ng/nin to submit online
    • Click on ‘Verify and Link your NIN now’
    • Fill the required information and submit

Link NIN to Glo:

To link NIN to your Glo line, you can either;

  • Visit the online registration portal via www.gloworld.com/ng/nin to fill your information and link. Or
  • Dial *109*yourNIN# (e.g *109*90123456789#) and follow the prompts to submit your details Or
  • By SMS – Simply text your 11-digits NIN number to 109 (e.g 90123456789 to 109) and wait for reply.

NIN Retrieval without a Phone Number

If you have lost your phone number (which you used during enrolment for the NIN) and the temporal NIMC slip, then try the following to retrieve your NIN

  • Dial the general retrieval code (*346#) with your current number linked with your BVN
  • Try using the NIMC Mobile app – you can get the app at NIMC webpage or on Google Play store
  • Go to nimc.gov.ng to print your NIN slip with the QR code and view your mobile
  • If none of the above work, then proceed to any NIMC office near you to liaise with an official to help you.

Further Notes

  • NIN Code: Please note that the USSD code *346# is the general NIN retrieval code for all network. If you are unable to link your NIN through the methods outlined on this page, then
  • You should simply visit the nearest office of your service provider to submit/link your NIN.
  • Go with your NIN and SIM pack
  • Alternatively, call the customer care line of your service provider.

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  1. I linked my phone number to my dad’s NIN because I was scared dat I won’t be able to get my NIN Be4 d dead line given , but now I have my own NIN can I unlink it from his NIN and link it to my own NIN

  2. Sunmola Hammed Seyi

    My brother register the NIN over 3weeks and he is has not gotten the code till now, please how can we go about it

  3. Dear Customer, Your NIN – number has failed NIMC verification. Please submit the correct NIN or visit any of our outlets to update your records. Thank you! This is what i get from MTN network and when I register my sim they said successful. Am confused because I have register NIN since 2012

  4. Pls I dial my NIN number to link ur to my sin
    It saying the code is invalid

  5. David olabisi Daniel

    I lost my nin and I don’t have the number I used to register it any longer though I was not up to 18 when I registered it was my sister’s nin I used please how will I get my nin back?

  6. Okolie Princess Ada

    please i need help on how to retreive my NIN without the use of my phone number i used to register, because i no longer use the phone number and the same number is also linked to my BVN.

  7. I am not in Nigeria, I don’t have the sim card that I registered my NIMC with me what should I do to get my NIN number please. Am in Israel

    • There is a procedure to follow at NIMC’s website for those in diaspora.

    • Hello… I did my NIN enrollment 12.04.2021, and I was told told online to wait for 2 or 3 working days for NIN. Buy I checked it now with *346#, its not coming up… What should I do?

  8. Isiaq Rokibat Olaide

    I needed to use my NIN to complete a request in the bank today. My NIN was inputed from my NIMC slip into the computer and it responded “no records”.
    Please help me

  9. Pls l want to Know wether MTN have started retrieving line
    I want retrieve my damaged MTN line since January in MTN nearest office , their response is that the network is not available.

    • I have collected my nimc slip but when I tried to register my jamb it no work because my was not the one I used to register my nin

  10. Wasiu.S Shokoya

    Good day please I have the plastic national I’d card and my NIN is not on it. How can I go about retrieving my Sim?

  11. My Father enrolled for the National Identity Card some years back and got it. The issue is that he had no phone then so we cannot use the *346# to get his NIN. How then can he get his NIN since enrollment is once in a lifetime?
    Here are some info on the card: Seq. No: ***, ID No: ***, and Personal No: ***.
    His Phone Number: ***.

  12. Good day admin, i think there should be a general code for retrieve this nin code for those who have lost their phone that they used to registered nin, so that they retrieved there nim from any phone no. thanks

  13. Pls I lost the sim I used to register for NIN in 2019 and I was given a transaction slip and now I want to get the NIN slip in order to retrieve the sim but its not generating my profile at nimc office. Can I use my voters card to retrieve the sim?

  14. Edache Daniel OONO

    i cant retrieve my NIN using *346# i really can dont know what to do now and i need it urgently. When ever i try they show “data is in process ” without showing me the number(NIN)

  15. i lost the sim i use in opening my bvn how do i retrieve my nin number

  16. Please I need your assistant
    Have already register but any time I tried retrieving it
    It tells me data does not exist and I registered like three weeks ago.

  17. EZEOKE Nnadozie Paul

    The number on my nimc slip is different from the number generated by using *346#. Please which one is correct?.


    A couple of years ago, I filled the form put in the necessary details and submitted it at the NIMC office nearest to me but, when I went back there recently they said that there portal was down and couldn’t retrieve my tracking id and they said I call the NIMC customer lines and ask for my tracking ID since then I have been calling but it never goes through. My question is how do I get my tracking ID.

  19. Please I have my nin the old one i did 2003 and anytime I link it with any of my sim i see successful but when I try to retrieve it,it will tell me that my data does not exist and I jes collected the nin



  21. Pls
    After confirmation of submission .how do I know my NIN has been successfully linked to my sim by NIMC

  22. Hi, pls I forgot the number I used to enrol for NIN and I tried using the number I used for my BVN to retrieve my NIN, but it says my data could not be found, now my question is can I enrol for another capturing

  23. So now they replied me by my data do not exist what should I do
    Is it by re-registering my SIM again???

  24. I’ve been trying to retrieve my NIN number but it keeps saying my request is being processed ever since. What seems to be the issue?

  25. Please I registered for my nin yesterday.. I was able to enroll for it and do the capturing but I did not get my nin number yet.. How do I go about it.

  26. I already enrolled with NIMC but there’s no NIN written on the slip…plus I tried to retrieve it but it shows data could not be found what do I do?

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  28. Ivoke Jonathan ogechi

    Pls i have the enrollment transaction slip and there is no number on it. What do I do?

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  30. I tried to retrieve and it’s not popping out my NIN. What should I do?

  31. Please can you show me where the nin number is located?

  32. Pls my other sim is not my name is their can i use my nin too

    • Your question isn’t very clear

      • I dia the *346# code on my phone and it says ; ur NIN is ……., Also when i checked my bank account balance it displays the balance amount, the bvn, and NIN. But i hv not done any NIN registration before, i dont know where that NIN came from,, i don’t have any national ID card yet. So, what step do i suppose to take now, what should i do next?

      • NIN were auto-generated for some Nigerians at the point of BVN enrolment, use that to link your lines. You will still have to go and enrol for NIMC card if you need it.

  33. EJIDEAKU Augustina

    I lost my nin card and have been trying to retrieve the nin number using the code. The reply I get is my request is been processed and I am yet to receive any other response. What could be the issue sir. What else can I do to get the number?

  34. Pls I have voters card and I have done my NIMC but I don’t have National ID card how do I get it

  35. This piece of information is highly appreciated.

    I dialed *346# on my Zain sim card to retrieve my NIN number. It replied that my data doesn’t exist. What else can I do to link my nin to sim?

    Thank you

    • Hello Oluseyi, if you have registered with NIMC, then your NIN number is boldly written on the registration slip given to you upon registration. However, if you haven’t registered with NIMC, please do visit the nearest NIMC office close to you to register and get your NIN number. After getting your NIN number, you can then proceed to link your NIN to your phone number. Best regards

    • When I dial *346# on my line it retrieve my nin. But when I put the nin number in nimc mobile app it shows error. Tried it several times yet no result.

  36. Oluseyi Oladimeji Sogaolu

    This piece of information is highly appreciated.

    I dialed *346# on my Zain sim card to retrieve my NIN number. It replied that my data doesn’t exist. What else can I do to link my nin to sim?

    Thank you

  37. Please I have my nin and anytime I link it with any of my sim i see successful buh when I try to retrieve it,it will tell me that my data does not exist and I jes collected the nin

    • Hello Racheal, if your network provider has sent you a message that you were successful while linking your NIN, then you don’t have anything to worry about. However, be sure that your NIN is correct. Best regards.

  38. How can an expatriate register there own or is there any provision for them?

  39. Please can you retrieve your nin if you don’t have airtime the sim you used to register

    • The sim I used for registration has expired and it has been long and mtn has resold it to someone else, but I still have the slip with me, pls how do I get my NIN since am not using the sim again? pls help.

    • Princess akonofua

      I did my national I’d since 2014 ,I have my nin identity code, I want to collect, my plastic I’d , I can not get it , and the number I use for enrollment , I miss place it, they are still telling me I cannot get the I’d card, please help me

  40. Is it possible to use someone’s number to register?

    • Hello Nmesoma, your NIN is perculiar to you. So there is no point using someone else’s number to register. Best regards

  41. Please, I really want to understand if anyone with BVN number without can link it to NIN,

  42. Hi can one actually get NIN number even when he hasn’t registered for NIN but own a BVN number and has the sim use in registering for BVN?

  43. Please how can I find my NIN Number, I lost it and I don’t have the number I used in opening it anymore

  44. I have an old bvn and i noticed i have been given NIN alteady because when i tried the NIN retrieval code it gave me an option yo retrieve my NIN but glo krrps saying timeout, until the phone was stolen on the 27th, Dec 2020. Now i have no way of getting the NIN, and all effort to retrieve the sim since then till today 3rd Jan 2021 didn’t give any positive result, the sim haven’t been retrieved yet, can anyone help please

    • They might not be any magic Segun, I guess you should try your best to retrieve your SIM first, if that is your main line. Then start from there.

  45. ezekiel akintola

    Please how do I retrieve my information I used when registered for NIN? I have the NIN number but I want to know how to check all the details used during the registration period.

  46. Please can I also use votes card

  47. I have lost the SIM card I used to open my BVN what else can I do?

  48. I traveled and not back so i don’t know if i can still use the retrieve code since it meant for those who lost their nin code?

    Please help me out

  49. What do i do. I’m not with my NIN in my current location and I lost the number I used to register my NIN

  50. Please help me out, I have my plastic identification card with me right now and there’s no nin number on it, I don’t have the slip with me any longer because when I went to collect the permanent card they collected the slip b4 giving me the card.
    Presently I can’t retrieve my nin because I Lost my phone together with the sim card I used for the enrollment since 2015.
    In this case what do I need to do now?
    Or is there any number on the plastic national identification card which is the nin number?
    Please if there’s tell me where to locate it. Thank you

    • I understand your BVN is somehow linked to NIN, so dial the retrieval code *346# using the number on your BVN. That should help retrieve your NIN. Regards

  51. I tried it, its telling me data doesn’t exist

  52. i typed it but they said my data could not be found

  53. How to check my line if it registered with NIN Number

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