10 Best Online Tutoring Sites (2023)

Online tutoring (E-learning) is a one-on-one teaching arrangement that takes place over the internet in real-time. It usually involves a real person tutoring or teaching virtually using technology and tools on the internet. The tutor and the student relate basically on an online platform or sometimes a blend of online and and physical meeting.

A thousand and one platforms offer such services but what makes an online tutoring platform stands out is such which have thousands of instructors at every student’s beck and call, so kids can call up homework help even at 3 am. Since the schedules are so flexible and require less of a time commitment, these sites can attract better instructors, with many holding advanced degrees in their stated subject areas.

Most of these tutoring sites offer connected workspaces with digital whiteboards, collaborative text editing, and other tools that make students and tutors feel like they are right in the same room. In this article, we will be looking at the top 10 online tutoring sites in 2022.


List of 10 Best Online Tutoring Sites (2022)


Chegg is a popularly known online tutoring site across the globe, their tutoring program is currently open to everyone from all around the world. Chegg’s method of tutoring is to pair the learner with an instructor specializing in the needed subject. With the Chegg tutoring platform, participants are asked the subjects they need to be tutored on and they are connected with teachers who are accessible whenever and wherever. Finally, students begin studying in a live class setting with conversation through text, voice, or video. To become an approved Chegg instructor you must have a degree from an approved institution and prior coaching and teaching experience is mandatory. The basic membership costs Rs 1,189.95 per month depending on the student’s choice.


TutorMe is regarded as one of the world’s leading online tutoring websites, overtime this website claim to extensively train its tutors and only approves 4% of applicants and this demonstrates how picky TutorMe is with its instructors. All courses, whether in video, audio, screen sharing, or another format are preserved so that students can retrieve them later, this is what makes Tutorme unique from the others. This online tutoring platform provides lots of instructors who are experts in various discipline and offer 300 courses for students in all grades.  The subscription package for TutorMe includes a free three-day trial that users receive and last for 30 minutes. After that, you could select per monthly packages or pay per minutes.

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This platform‘s mission is simply to help students and tutors find each other. Founded in 2002 in Kolkata, India. This platform has helped connect millions of tutors and students in over 15 countries across the globe, with decades of experience in technology and education.


Prepclass is a platform that allows learners to easily hire the services of a home tutor. Prepclass has invested in several programs that improve the quality of life of tutors as well as the outcomes for learners. The primary focus of Prepclass is aggregating professional tutors and connecting them with learners that need academic support or bespoke learning programs that are specifically crafted to help the learners achieve their goals. This tutoring site charges per the number of classes and hours you want your classes for.


This tutoring platform is an end-to-end collaborative online platform that is designed to help you find, connect and learn from experts you need to succeed in your quest for lifelong learning. All experts and tutors on this platform are screened and selected, whether they are teachers, experienced tutors, certified coaches, mentors, or degree-qualified industry professional trainers.


Preply is another world-leading portal in the list of best online tutoring websites because of its unique feature which allows tutors select their preferred hourly fee and the number of students they are willing to instruct at a time. This website carefully examines the information of the tutor which includes the tutor’s qualification, quality, and accuracy of description during validation. It has over 750,000 users and it offers varieties of subjects and courses for everyone who enrolls them. This website accepts payments from Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, and Prepaid MasterCard.


Skooli is an online tutoring website that provides a broad spectrum of teaching opportunities. There are several excellent opportunities for you to earn money from skooli if you are a certified language instructor. This tutoring site’s popularity is widely based on its range of languages, it offers tutors opportunities to teach in several languages which include Spanish, French, and Chinese. It offers a per hourly subscription.

Khan Academy:

The Khan Academy was founded to provide world-class education to all students, even those that come from low-income earning homes. One of the major aims of the Khan academy is to help students find the most sustainable learning pace for them and to use the learning methods to apply in the classroom or while working alone. This website subscription is completely free! That is because it is funded by a non-profit organization.


Brainfuse is regarded as an ideal website for college students. This tutoring site offers the opportunity to learn a variety of subjects including advanced research and university-focused courses. Brainfused can be operated on a virtual whiteboard if your camera is a little shy or if you don’t have the most reliable internet connection. In brainfuse, tutors have at least a bachelor’s degree in the field of choice, and the tutors with previous teaching or mentoring experience have a high priority.


Studypool is suitable for punctual help. This website allows tutors to gain experience in a less pressured environment at the start of their careers. Instead of combining them with individual tutorials or class sessions, tutors collaborate with students on individual questions and assignments. At Studypool, instructors can select questions, estimate prices, and provide responses on time.

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Benefits of Online Tutoring/Learning

Technology has made the world advanced and online tutoring is the way to go to better utilize modern learning tools. Below are some of the benefits which accompany online tutoring arrangement.

  • Learning takes place in a comfortable environment
  • It is much more convenient for both the student and the tutor
  • Students are able to choose from a pool of qualified tutors and that increases the chances of hiring the best hands
  • There are more training options for tutors
  • It is, most times, way cheaper, safer and more secured
  • It helps improve your tech skills and knowledge
  • Online tutoring is fun and can be very engaging for children

Final thoughts: The above-listed platforms are some of the best when considering online tutoring platforms to enroll in 2023. It is however advisable that you do extensive research before deciding on which one best suits your needs.

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