Skills For Students and Researchers that Guarantees Post-COVID Economic Stability

Skills For Students and Researchers that Guarantees Post-COVID Economic Stability: Surviving in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic can be very challenging for students and researchers as the world economy has been negatively impacted by COVID-19 scourge. Students ad researchers in the Post-COVID world are to acquire skills necessary for their economic survival and relevance. This is because technologies change all the time and new innovations are being introduced into the world as the day goes by.

Scholarships, grants and fellowships which would have enhanced educational support to the academia are not trickling in as it used to before the emergence of corona virus disease. As a result of this, students both undergraduates and postgraduates with researchers alike are to arm themselves with relevant skills. These skills will ensure that they are sustained economically until they are able to access educational support. International students who are in a far away foreign countries are especially affected by the economic downturn occasioned by COVID-19 and as such, they are to acquire basic skills that will provide funds for their upkeep in foreign countries.

Skills to Learn Include:

  • Digital Literacy: The world of digital technology is ever expanding and provides enormous opportunities to those who are willing to grab it. Knowing how to use a computer  to its fullest potential can guarantee the economic stability of a student or a researcher. Learning skills such as coding, digital marketing, online public relations, graphics design, data analytics, robotics, mobile app development as well as web development are few of the numerous skills young students and researchers should acquire for their economic benefits.
  • Content Development: Several organizations are voting enormous capital to see that they project their image and products to the outside world. Content development entails researching, compiling, producing and making available certain information to meet a strategic goal. Such goal may be to encourage marketing, sales outcome or to increase revenue. Learning the art of content development can be rewarding with its attendant economic benefits.
  • Financial Intelligence: Financial intelligence begins with becoming financially literate. There is no denying the adverse economic impact of COVID-19, but the hallmark of succeeding in this era is to find opportunities that others are not seeing during this crisis. As a student and researcher, one has to be prudent with the lean resources that are available in order to meet the academic and research expectations. It is equally important as students and researchers to know how to seize opportunities for financial and economic benefits. If one knows how to take care of money, especially in times of crisis, money will flock to you. People will beg you to take it because of your financial intelligence.
  • Branding and Design: Creating a brand and starting an offline or online presence is a valuable skill in the 21st century where students and researchers can tap into. People and organization who both create and curate content will thrive in the future, since people are constantly on the look out for someone they trust to filter the infinite amount of information available online for them to increase sales and profit.
  • Proposal Writing: Many corporate organizations and firms as well as individuals are looking for consultants who will be able to map out strategies to develop and write saleable business and academic proposals. Acquiring this skill can be very rewarding as it bring enormous fortune to the writer. The techniques and skills involved in writing proposals are refined when one sits to learn by comparing what works for a particular type of proposal.

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Becoming financially independent for students and researchers in a post-COVID era requires intentional action tailored towards value proposition for economic benefits.

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