Government of Ireland Scholarship for Postgraduate Students, 2020

The 2020 Government of Ireland Scholarship for Postgraduate Students is open for outstanding students with the passion to excel in their various academic endeavours. The opportunity is targeted are giving the postgraduate students direct ownership of their research interest at the early stages of their career while collaborating with supervisors, in their chosen career path. The 2020 Government of Ireland Scholarship for Postgraduate students is competitive with a demonstrable average success rate of 18% in the last five years. Successful candidates into the government of Ireland scholarship for postgraduate students will be recognised as potential world-class researchers as a result of their quality research.


Scholarship Sponsor(s): Government of Ireland

Scholarship Type: Full

Scholarship level:  Postgraduate

Scholarship Worth: €16,000 annually, Fees contribution up to €5,750 per annum, Direct research expenses of  €2,250 per annum

Subject Eligibility: The scholarship is for all postgraduate programmes.

Country/Candidate Eligibility: Scholarship is for International students


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Scholarship Selection and Eligibility Criteria:

  • International Students are all eligible to apply
  • Scholarship award covers disciplines from science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), arts, humanities and the social science (AHSS).
  • Applicant’s proposal should address recent advances in the various disciplines and should be innovative and novel. Interdisciplinary proposals are also welcomed as it encourages interdisciplinary knowledge sharing and integration using the various tools and techniques covering the various disciplines.
  • Higher education Institutions (HEIs) and Research-Performing Organizations (RPO) recognised in Ireland are assumed to be:
  • A third-level institution within the meaning of Section one (1) of the1971 Higher Education Authority Act.
  • Approved for the purposes of Free fees initiative.
  • In receipt of public funds from the Department of Education and Skills for the purpose of higher education and research.
  • An eligible RPO should possess an existing in-house capacity to carry out research that extends and enhances the Irish research base with a demonstrable capacity and potentials to carry out and lead research activities as approved.

Application Procedure for the Government of Ireland Scholarship for Postgraduate Students, 2020


All application for the Government of Ireland Scholarship for postgraduate students, 2020 are done online using the official scholarship webpage.

Official Scholarship Webpage

Scholarship deadline: 31st October, 2019

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  1. It indeed me a pleasure and honor to apply for a free scholarship in the Europe nation

  2. Fabrice Léopold NGONO ABEGA AYISSI

    Dear sir,
    I need being a Cameroonian student to have this purse.
    I am a Bachelor in human sciencia and social. I was needed what to do ?

  3. Please how can I apply for the program (the link)?

    • Hi, Official Scholarship application link is usually given at the end of every post updates. You may need to read through the How-to-Apply section.

  4. I want to apply for this program please share me your official web site

  5. How can I find a supervisor in the field of agriculture?

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