Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Denmark 2024

As a foreign national looking to secure a job in Denmark, there are several work opportunities that abound in the country. Companies offering visa sponsorship jobs in Denmark are always looking to recruit foreign professionals to become part of their workforce.

Apart from the numerous work opportunities in the country for ex-pats, companies in the country offers employee benefits live maternity and paternity leave, flexible work routine, affordable taxation, social security benefits, etc.

While enjoying the benefits listed above, Denmark is ranked as the second happiest country on earth, coming after Finland. This may be one of the reasons why people from many countries from around the globe choose Denmark as a job search destination.

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Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Denmark

#1 Maersk Group

Maersk Group is a Danish shipping and logistics company founded in 1904 with business activities to include shipping, port operation, supply chain management and warehousing. The company is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, with subsidiaries across 130 countries.

Maersk Group provides several opportunities in technology, shipping and supply chain management for students, graduates as well as experienced professionals. This company may provide visa sponsorship jobs in Denmark for Professionals with required skills set. Once you have found a vacancy on the Maersk careers site, you can submit your CV using the ‘Apply now’ button.

#2 Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk is a Danish multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Bagsværd with production facilities in nine countries and affiliates or offices in five countries. Novo Nordisk is involved in pioneering scientific breakthroughs, expanding access to medicines and working to prevent and ultimately provide cure for diseases.

The company employs more than 64,000 people in 80 offices around the world, and markets our products in 170 countries. Applicants can take advantage of the Novo Nordisk Graduate Programme to kick start their career in the company. The Graduate Programme is a 2-year, global career journey with a minimum of three rotations including at least one international rotation. Applicants can visit the career site for further information.

#3 Ørsted

Ørsted (formerly DONG Energy) is a Danish multinational energy company. Headquartered in Fredericia, Denmark, and the largest energy company in Denmark. Globally, Ørsted produces 90% of its energy from renewable sources, and has an objective of exceeding 95% by 2023 and 99% by 2025. The company has a goal of net zero generation by 2025 and no carbon emissions by 2040.

As a global leader within green energy, Orsted contributes to transforming the world’s energy systems from fossil based to carbon neutral sources of energy. Applicants with specialty in clean and green energy can check the career site of the company to view the various job opportunities available.

#4 Carlsberg Group

Carlsberg Group is one of the leading brewery groups in the world today, with a large portfolio of beer and other beverage brands. More than 40,000 people work for Carlsberg Group, and their products are sold in more than 150 markets.

Carlsberg Group provides job opportunities in Marketing and Sales, Supply Chain & Production, Research, IT, Finance, Procurement, Legal & Communication, as well as HR & Corporate Functions. Applicants can visit the career site of the company to learn how to apply.

#5 Lundbeck

Lundbeck is a Danish international pharmaceutical company engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, marketing and sale of pharmaceuticals across the world. The company offers opportunities in Engineering, Finance, Pharmacy, Research and Development, Human Resources, Information technology, etc.

Interested applicants wishing to begin a job in Denmark can visit the career site of the company to submit an application.

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How to Apply for Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Denmark

There are many ways by which foreign candidates apply for jobs in Denmark including: searching among vacant positions from a wide range of Danish Companies, participating in Job fairs and submitting CVs to the EURES portal by candidates from European countries.

This article will dwell more on searching for vacancies from a wide range of Danish companies. Applicants wishing to apply for jobs in Danish companies may search through several job portals to identify the company of their choice.

Applicants may choose to filter their search under ‘location’, ‘duration of employment’ and ‘hours of work’ options available. They will be required to complete an online application and provide all the required information and documents required for the job position applied for.

Application Procedures

  • Applicants work are interested in getting a Denmark work visa will have to apply online. They will have to begin the process by choosing the visa that is good for their kind of job and generating a case order ID.
  • Some job visa applications may be entirely handled by the employer seeking the services of the would-be employee using a power of attorney. The employer will have to pay for the visa fee in the same year that the case order ID is created.
  • The next thing is to submit the work visa application form together with the required application documents. The AR1 online and the AR6 online are the two most used formats. The employee and employer each fill out an electronic version of the AR1. Note that the employer, who has the power of attorney, is the only one who can complete the AR6.
  • The applicant must have their biometrics taken, a portrait taken, and their fingerprints registered at a Danish diplomatic office overseas within 14 days after applying. Within 90 to 120 days, the applicant will learn the outcomes of the application. However, certain work visas, like the Fast-Track Visa, are granted in as little as 30 to 60 days.

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