How to Apply for Wamda X $16k Grant Program

Wamda X $16k Grant Program : Are you a student? A business person? You run or intend to start a small scale business venture? You may well be qualified to apply for Wamda X grant. Wamda welcomes application from suitably qualified candidates for the grant.  Interested person should see details and how to apply.

Grant Sponsor: Wamda

Grant Eligibility: Start-up businesses

Eligibility Country/Region: Africa

Grant Type: Monetary investment renewable yearly.

Grant Details:

Wamda X is a grant-based program for founders with the aim to safe-route the often financially grueling and solitary path to entrepreneurship.
They have designed an environment to help founders build their startups through a 4-month relationship-focused program
The goal is to co-found businesses with Fellows by providing them with grants and opening up the Wamda network of mentors to help ease the process of starting and scaling a business.
Wamda X will be the initial financiers for founders and offers access to Wamda Capital, which can continue financing these businesses as they grow

Grant Benefits

  • $16k grant: Converts into 5% only if a business is formed
  • 4 month program: 2 month emphasis on building early team while in Dubai, and 2 months on solidifying idea
  • $100k follow-on: Wamda reserves the right to invest $100k for 10% post programme
  • Dubai-based: Dubai-based for first half of programme, location flexibility in the second half
  • Relationship-focused: Fellows will be paired with mentors and a “Buddy” from the Wamda Capital team
    Monthly renewable program: Wamda or the Fellow may end the participation at any point, with no strings attached.

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Who is Eligible to Apply?

Open to businesses at their earliest stages. Be it an idea or a revenue generating startup, they want to be a part of it.

How Selection is Made

  • Based on their ability to think critically about a problem and solve it in a smart manner
  • Their ability to work under stress
  • Their ability to work with their peers, and
  • How driven they are to solve a market failure.

How to Apply

All interested persons are to apply by filling the online application form with appropriate details. You can get more information about the Wamda X $16k Grant Program via the link provided (below).

Application Deadline:  Not Specified

Visit the Official Website for Further Details

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